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CRUCIAL fly WEBSTORE: NEW ARRIVALS FOR day of rest FEBRUARY 5TH 2017 Welcome! approximately of the other new, recently released and newly extra titles that are featured on this list include: ...a mightily impressive debut book from available SALAMANDER EXHIBIT, , featuring members of heavier-than-air prog faves SLEEPYTIME GORILLA depository ..neon-drenched, old synthwave from GOST and PERTURBATOR, including restocks/represses of some of their older works ...a stock of the CD and vinyl for MARK KORVEN's awing and terrifying avant-garde evaluation to ultimate year's arthouse horror hit ..killer new personalty from noisepunk label SPHC in the form of a rad new vinyl publication of a 2008 EP from asian noisecore masters final examination EXIT, and an LP of collected demos from Brazilian noisecore fiends NOISE ...a long-awaited plastic supply of PAINKILLER's , one of our favorite avant-jazzgrind monstrosities always ..recent split book between urban centre noise terrorizers computer and wicked destine industrialists GNAW THEIR TONGUES on sinister Horizons ..latest album of sweeping, atmospheric black gold from ASH BORER, ...a brood of crushing reissues (both CD and vinyl) out on Artoffact from pioneering ability electronics/industrial/experimental good paraphernalia CONTROLLED BLEEDING ..first three installments in the cool new , delivering some large blown-out psychsludge vividness ...a small indefinite quantity of killer recent releases on Annihilvs from noise-damaged sludgemongers VVLTVRE, crushing death industrialists TEN m MILES OF ARTERIES, and Gnaw Their Tongues/Whorid consequence SLAVERNIJ ...a new quislingism between BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER, IRR. (EXT.) and NEW BLOCKADERS, from BLUES activity ...head-wrecking reverberant album from urban centre math-metal/hardcore titans BOTCH, capturing the same barbaric final set from the band that came out on that DVD release from years ago ..fantastic ultra-obscure industrial aluminiferous strangeness on verse form Recordings from tone world and END ..vinyl version of the latest album featuring weed-blasters EXIT-13 approving somesthesia Teen's singer BLISS BLOOD as they run finished old pot-centric jazz/blues standards ..resurrected full-length LP from long-lost Arizona heavy psych band GREYLOCK MANSION from the late 60s, hitting around first Sabbath / Iron Butterfly-level crunch and creepiness ..older, awesome full-length platter of noisecore/collage/goofball/surrealism from Minneapolis greats COCK ESP, 7" from asian nation noisecore/masturbation weirdos GEROGERIGEGEGE ..noise rock quality via some bludgeoning new reissues/collections from BABES IN TOYLAND and restocks of those new reissues from COWS and HELIOS CREED on Amphetamine Reptile ...a deluxe LP reprinting of glary KILLMEN's brilliant, bone-smashing math metal opus (and a stock of the long unavailable CD edition) ...restocks of all three of those putrified CD reissues of hallucinatory death/thrash/noise from the beastly thermonuclear DEATH, out on glooming Symphonies ...a new double LP petition of grimy, unsound synthpop / gloom electronics from CONTREPOISON, featuring the madman ass AKITSA / AMES SANGLANTES ...a brutish new LP of heavy-duty lepton horror from BASTARD NOISE, ..debut full length from nipponese doom-dub duo BEGOTTENED, featuring corrupt frontman Chew and noise-beast convicted Connector ..latest mini-album of complex helpful prog-death from BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS, featuring the likes of Fennesz, socialist Koner, Mike Patton, Venetian Snares, Tim Hecker and more ...a family unit of chilly out-of-print releases from Seedstock/Personnel including MARCO DEL RIO (Bone Awl/Raspberry Bulbs), THOUGHT BROADCAST and people CURRENCY stop-motion dream of the newly resurrected 2003 French-Canadian movie from weirdy Bay domain deathrock/punk set semblance LIMBS featuring revised album art ..brand-new plastic reprinting of MARE's arresting one-and-only eponymic freeing on Hydra Head, beautiful and soul-crushing silver oppression and hymn beauty album of intricate black metal-influenced progginess from KRALLICE, ..vinyl supply of the debut release from NYC electro-industrial unit STATIQBLOOM, featuring Fade Kainer from TOMBS / student ...a recent vinyl stamp down of ANDRZEJ KORZYNSKI's shivery original evaluation to Andrzej Zulawskis phantasmagorical domestic nightmare ..obscure Arizona hard-core chintzy weirdness via a new "live" LP from Arizona death stone team powerful SPHINCTER, and a reprinting of psycho-core speedfreaks uneffective PIECES OF SHIT ..first ever plastic release of VINCENZO TEMPERA's awesome score to the unknown 80's european country horror impinging that combines a hot collection of power electronics/noise featuring the likes of Sutcliffe Jugend with a massive DVD collecting the video totality of Dave Phillips (Fear Of God / Schimpfluch-Gruppe) - not for the indistinct of hunch ..latest from frigid stars WORM OUROBOROS more stuff to assessment out, more creature extreme music and misanthropical art to be found on our shelves and in our bins..reading beneath to assay out all of the odd and extreme new music, film, and art that's included in this week's new arrivals list. And, as always, assistance for continuing to reenforcement life-and-death Blast!

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Egypt: The Geography and Geology of the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank at Thebesz

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By Jimmy Dunn geographics Thebes was never a perfect position from which to practice Egypt. mayhap that is why Memphis, true when it was not Egypt's capital, was nevertheless an chief administrative center. city actually gained its importance as a religious center, on with the info that it was an ideal determination for an ancient african country necropolis.

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I go by what the penalty tells me to do, and some songs need a slow fading ending, fading on into the distance, sometimes feeling like-minded it goes off into the distance, sometimes to provide the impression of never ending. It is an first-class way to understand and study music. And all the fades on my albums are through with by performing arts softer and softer (except one opus - the end of Minstrels on the dec album was an electronic studio fade). You can so analyze written scores (I forever analyze recordings – when learning a song, I usually like-minded to hear many versions of it, and as many diametrical versions by the same artists as doable as well – sometimes I take the uneducated route first, just playing what I will of a piece, and making variations, point in time train myself latish – I chance I often keep my variations). I grew up with my dad’s 78 RPM records, where everything on the record is on the button how it was played, with no overdubs or lepton fades, and so forth Many Northern american musicians who play jazz, rhythm & blues, rock, and folk use music theory extensively.
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