Us government standard bathroom malodour fetish

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afghani afghanistan afghanistani afibrinogenemia aficionado abroad lit afisr afl afl-cio aflame afire aflatoxin aflaxen aflicker afloat aflutter current aforementioned aforesaid plotted afoul afp claustrophobic aframomum afrasian anew africa individual african-american africander afrikaans afrikander afrikaner authority afro hairdo afro-american afro-asian afro-asiatic afro-wig afroasiatic genus afrocarpus afropavo afspc aft aft after-hours after-school after-shave placenta device aftercare afterdamp afterdeck aftereffect pleasantness afterimage afterlife aftermath aft afternoon afterpains afterpiece afters aftersensation aftershaft aftershafted tremor aftertaste add-on subsequently afterwards afterworld ag aga again cord physiological state agalactosis genus agalinis agamid lizard mythical being agamete asexual agamid lizard agamidae agammaglobulinemia asexual reproduction agamogenetic asexual agapanthus religious ritual agapornis agar agar-agar basidiomycetous fungi agaricaceae 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agni agnise realise agnomen brain disorder agnostic agnostical agnosticism ago agog agon ductless gland agonal agone family agonidae pain agonized harrowing fictitious character festivity combative agonise painful agonizing agonizingly agonus suffering agora phobia agoraphobic agouti agra blood disease blood disorder agranulosis saying anorthography agraphic farming agree agreeability agreeable agreeableness pleasantly agreed agreement rural business enterprise agricola agricultural agriculturalist agriculture granger acragas agrimonia herb genus agriocharis agrippa agrippina bacteria genus agrobiologic agrobiological scientific discipline agrologic agrologic science passion agronomic science expert science agropyron agrostemma plant genus aground agrypnia watch bufo marinus aguacate ague eupatorium perfoliatum aguish king forrader ahimsa ahistorical moving ahorseback government agency persian deity taxodium mucronatum ahura aaland islands ai foreign terrorist organization aid aide 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cut of beef aix aix-la-chapelle caryophylloid dicot family ajaia ajar mythical being genus ajuga ak akaba kwa akaryote cell akee aix-la-chapelle mollusc family hani akhbari male monarch akhenaton akimbo akin akinesia akinesia port akkadian akko akmola akron aku strong drink akwa'ala al al-asifa al-fatah al-hakim al-haytham al-hudaydah al-iraq al-jihad al-ma'unah al-magrib al-muhajiroun al-mukalla al-qa'ida al-qaeda al-qaida al-qur'an al-tawhid al-ummah ala muskhogean alabaman alabaman alabaster gypsum alacritous alacrity fictional character paralysis alamo aminoalkanoic acid wing-shaped male monarch fear alarmed alarming warning alarmist alarum alar unluckily american state american state alastrim alate winged alauda family alaudidae alb tunny albania albanian albany fungus genus albatross albedo albee abstractionist albert canadian province leon battista alberti albescent cathari albigensian albigensianism albinal albinal congenital defect congenital disorder unusual person albinotic albion plagioclase albitic albizia albizzia alborg liliaceous plant fungus family tunica genus albugo albula family albulidae album ovalbumin simple protein albuminoid albuminous albuminuria albuminuric albuquerque ventolin alca lesbian dissolving agent poem alcalde alcalescent alcapton alkaptonuria alcazar genus alcea family alcedinidae alcedo alcelaphus mammal genus pseudoscience pseudoscience alchemise alchemist intellectual intellect alchemize alchemy alcibiades alcidae alcides liquid alcohol-dependent alcohol-soluble laced change alcoholism alcoholize novelist bay animal order order alcyonaria halcyon aldactone aldebaran aldehyde aldehyde-alcohol organic compound alder tree neuropteron representative representative aldermanly hexose aldol aldomet aldose mineralocorticoid glandular disorder aldrovanda ale unpredictable herb fish genus fury fungus genus alectoris genus alectura runaway robin public house alembic alendronate metropolis alphabetic character aleph-nought aleph-null aleph-zero genus alepisaurus aleppo alert alerting alertness genus aletris aleurites protein protein indian aleut aleutians aleve alewife alexander alexanders alexandria alexandrian alexandrine chrysoberyl alexia patient aleyrodes family aleyrodidae alfalfa redstem storksbill heron's bill male monarch alfresco protoctist protoctist algal algarroba algarroba algarrobilla pure mathematics pure mathematics algebraical mathematician author algeria algerian algerie mammal genus algid national capital algin algoid algebraic language sexual pleasure algolagnic algology measuring system algometric algometrical mensuration algonkian algonquin algonkian algonquian algophilia simple phobia afraid algorism formula recursive algren alhacen alhambra al-hasan ibn al-haytham ali alias excuse surveyor's instrument surveyor's instrument trespasser assignable alienage alien disoriented alienating estrangement alienator alienee curiousness alienist alienor alar land align aligned positioning alignment similar alikeness aliment alimentary nutritious supplying supply support payment line up alinement aliphatic aliquant divisor alir genus alisma alismales alismataceae alismatidae ignoramus reanimated existence aliyah alizarin alizarine alka-seltzer dissolving agent alkahestic blood disease alkaline alkali alkalescent turn alkalimetry base-forming alkaline-loving alkalinise alkalinity alkalinize alkalinuria change state alkalizer alkalize alkalizer organic compound alkaloidal pathology alkalotic alkaluria paraffin alkanet alkapton alkaptonuria alkene antineoplastic sot synthetic resin chemical group alkylbenzene alkylbenzenesulfonate alkylic ethyne all all-around all-devouring all-embracing all-encompassing all-fired all-important all-inclusive all-knowing all-mains all-metal all-night all-or-none all-or-nothing all-out all-powerful all-purpose all-round all-rounder all-time all-victorious all-weather allah allamanda allantoic allantoid allantois decreasing comfort person allegement asseverate alleged allegement allegheny river allegheny allegiance allegiant allegoric representative interpret communicator allegorize allegorizer allegory fast allegro gene cistron allelomorph allelic allemande allen metropolis substance matter supersensitised medico allergology hypersensitivity reaction curative alleviate mitigated relief palliative alleviator alleviatory alley alleyway chenopodium bonus-henricus november 1 allhallowtide family alliaceae odourous alliance dilleniid dicot genus allice united allies crocodilian reptile alligator-like alligatored aspidophoroides monopterygius alligatoridae genus allionia allioniaceae alosa alosa alliterate alliteration alliterative speaker genus allium lotte antibody apportionable allocatable allocate assignment allocator asynchronous allochthonous allocution allogamous cross-fertilization allogeneic graft allograph allographic allomerism variation allometric branch of knowledge allomorph allomorphic medical aid medical aid allopatric allopatry allophone phoneme allopurinol allosaurus allosaurus shell out allotment element allotropic chemical phenomenon allotropism allotropy assigned allover appropriate allowable permissibly allowance metal impure allspice touch tempt allurement alluring allusion indirect allusiveness alluvial alluviation alluvion alluvium ally allyl chemical group alma-ata annual almandine almandine almaty almighty almond almond-eyed almond-scented almond-shaped medical social worker almoravid almost alms alms-giving almsgiver almsgiving metal alnus elephant's ear aloe aloeaceae aperient acknowledgement alone lonesomeness along alongside alonso upstage aloofness alopecia alopecic alopecurus alopex family alopiidae genus alopius alosa town alouatta out loud alp alpaca alpena alpenstock alpestrine explorative alpha-adrenoceptor alpha-blocker alpha-interferon alpha-lipoprotein alpha-naphthol alpha-tocopheral alphabet abecedarian alphabetical order alphabetise alphabetic alphabetiser alphabetization alphabetize alphabetized alphabetizer alphameric alphamerical alphanumeric alphanumerical alphanumerics alphavirus upland genus alpinia alpinism alpinist xanax mount already alright als alsace alsace french region also also-ran alsobia genus alsophila genus alstonia liliaceous plant alstroemeriaceae alt altaic binary star table altarpiece measuring system alter mutableness commutable occurrence sanative altercate quarrel altered sterilisation alternanthera alternate alternating alternation alternative alternatively alternator althaea althea altimeter altissimo altitude elevation altitudinous alto cumulus all in all alto saxophonist town stratus cloud altricial unselfishness presenter altruistic selflessly alula alular alum alumroot aluminium oxide chemical compound aluminiferous cover aluminium aluminize metallic aluminum alumna alumnus alumroot alundum metaproterenol alveolar alveolate redness tooth socket alvine e'er alyssum amphibian genus alzheimer's pre-senile dementia am amadavat amaethon amah amalgam change integrated merger consolidation businessman amanita amanuensis amaranth family amaranthaceae herbaceous plant genus amaranthus amarelle amaretto urban centre amaryllidaceae bulbous plant accumulate amassed amastia japanese deity recreational amateurish amateurishly unskillfulness conviction fiddle amative amativeness romantic amatungulu fern genus visual disorder visual disorder amaze astonied amazement awesome amazingly amazon bird genus circumlocution way circumlocutory interpreter diplomat place ambassadress amber amber-green dogtooth genus amberboa amberjack animal product amberfish surroundings ambidexterity equipoised handedness status close expression ambiguous equivocally extent ambition shiftless aspiring ambitiously ambitiousness feeling ambivalency ambivalent ambiversion ambiversive walk footer fish genus amblygonite visual disorder vision defect amblyrhynchus platform andaman redwood ambrose ambrosia family ambrosiaceae ambrosial ambrosian body part body part motorcar ambulant ambulate walking mobile ambuscade ambush assailant genus ambystoma ambystomatidae ambystomid salamander rhizopod ameba-like rhizopod amebiasis amoebous amebiosis ameboid rhizopodan amir ameiuridae ameiurus rosid dicot genus amelia ameliorate bettering amelioration amelioratory ameliorating ameloblast amelogenesis amen amen-ra tractability amenable amenableness right correctable bettering amended amendment amends amenorrhoea comforts agreeableness amenorrhea amenorrheal amenorrheic amenorrhoea amenorrhoeal symptom catkin amentiferous amentia taxon productive ticket fine amerciable america american americana americanisation change expression americanization americanize metallic element amerind amerindian amerindic ametabolous ametabolous amethopterin amethyst quartz ametria visual impairment ametropic amex ethiopian amharic amia amiability amiable amiableness amiably amianthum amicableness well-meaning amicability amide amidopyrine midships amidships amigo amiidae amine aminic amino aminoaciduria aminoalkane phenylamine aminomethane transferase aminophylline amino resin aminopyrine aminotransferase amiodarone emir mennonite amiss amitosis cell division tricyclic antidepressant amity amman meter ammine ammino ammo ammobium ammodytes ammodytidae ammonia gum ammoniacal ammoniate ammonia ammonification impregnate ammonite fossil ammonium ion ammoniuria ammonoid genus ammotragus material cognitive state amnesic cognitive state amnestic amnesty amnionic amnio amniocentesis amnion amnionic amniotic sac amniota vertebrate sac amobarbital ameba amoeba-like amoeban amoebiosis amoebic amoebida amoebina protozoal infection ameboid amebous amuck amon amon-ra amontillado roman deity amora unmoral amoralism adherent quality immorally amorist devotee romantic amorously amorousness amorpha amorphophallus shapeless amort amortisation amortise amortization liquidate book amount amour penicillin larotid amoy amp electrical phenomenon ampere ampere-hour ampere-minute ampere-second ampere-turn punctuation mark drug of abuse amphibia amphibian amphibious amphibiotic amphibole arthropod genus metamorphic rock amphiboly amphiboly amphibrach amphicarpa amphicarpa political unit amphidiploid amphidiploidy amphigory amphimixis amphineura amphioxidae amphioxus malacostracan crustacean amphipoda amphiprion amphiprostylar apteral amphiprotic mythical monster amphisbaenia reptile family porticoed amphitheater coliseum amphitheatric stadium amphitropous amphiuma amphiumidae amphora amphoric amphoteric amphotericin ampicillin ample largeness gain electronic equipment blow up bountifulness amply ampul ampul ampule flask ampullar ampullary remove amputation amputator amputee amrinone genus amsinckia amsonia amsterdam demoniacal amulet amun adventurer heilong jiang amusd jolly up amused amusement amusing amusingly fun amygdala magnoliopsid family amygdaliform amygdalin amygdaline almond-shaped amygdaloidal psychosurgery amygdalus amyl amylaceous amylase amyloidal starchy sickness chemical action chemical change amylum atonicity amyotrophia atrophy blue devil amyxia an ana family anabantidae anabaptism anabaptist anabas anabatic suspended animation suspended animation anabolic anabolism genus anabrus anacanthini family anacardiaceae dicot genus anachronic anomaly anachronic asynchronous anaclinal relationship anaclitic anacoluthia rhetorical device rhetorical device anaconda genus anacyclus anadenanthera anadiplosis anadromous anaemia anaemic anaerobe anaerobiotic anaerobiotic anaesthesia drug put to sleep anaesthetised anaesthetist anaesthetize insensible genus anagallis arthropod genus stereoscopic picture anaglyphic anaglyptic photography anaglyptic anaglyptical order anagoge anagogic interpretation anagram word anagrammatic anagrammatise anagrammatize anagrams genus anagyris anaheim orifice analbuminemia analecta selection stimulative physiological state analgesic anodyne analog analogical analogise reasoner analogise similar analogue analogy illiterate illiterate person illiteracy patient analyse analyser analysis analyst analytic analytic property analyzable analyze analyzed analyzer case history memory anamorphic anamorphism copy genus ananas ananias metrical foot rhetorical anapest anapestic anaphalis phase of cell division phase of cell division anaphor repetition repetition anaphrodisia anaphrodisiac anaphylactic hypersensitivity reaction anaplasia animal disease anaplastic surgery anaprox anapsid anapsida anapurna anarchical anarchical anarchism anarchist political theory anarchy fish family anarhichas speech disorder genus anas genus anasa anasarca anasarcous red indian anaspid animal order anastalsis anastatica anastigmat stigmatic anastomose anastomosis colligation anastomus rhetorical device reassembly bete noire anathematisation anathemize anathematisation anathemize anathemise imprecate anatidae asia minor anatolian language anatomic anatomical anatomize expert canvass anatomy duck-billed dinosaur toxoid inverted anaxagoras anaximander anaximenes ancestor ancestral ancestress ancestry backbone anchorage ground anchorite anchoritic anchorman anchorperson soft-finned fish herbaceous plant anchylosis ancient oldness ancients ancillary ancistrodon mountain peak family ancylidae ancylose ancylostomatidae ancylus andalucia andalusia geographical region andante fast andean andelmin hans christian andersen anderson andes andesite andira dog european nation andorran andosite andradite genus andreaea order andreaeales andrena mining bee andrenidae apostle andrews andricus gametoecium androgenic hormone androgeny androgenetic androgenic virgin birth androgeny voice androgyne pseudohermaphrodite androgyny mechanical man andromeda social phobia andropogon androgen andryala andvari ane anecdotal report anecdotic anecdotical storyteller nonresonant amphibian genus anele anemia anemic anemographic measurement anemometer measurement anemometrical measurement windflower magnoliid dicot genus anemophilous dicot genus congenital anomaly congenital defect congenital defect congenital disorder inaction barometer anesthesia anesthesiologist anesthesiology anesthetic anesthetise anesthetised anesthetist anesthetize anesthetized anesthyl anoestrous anoestrous anestrum physiological state genus anethum abnormality aneuploidy aneurin aneurism aneurismal aneurismatic aneurysm aneurysmal aneurismatic afresh anfractuous ang angara west chadic patron chaetodipterus faber angelic angelica angelical tree angelique divinity angelus anger angry angevin angevine inflammation heart condition anginal heart disease anginous roentgenogram angiosperm flowering plant angiocarpic ontogeny angiogram roentgenography angiohemophilia angiologist medicine angioma tumour angiopathy surgical process tree fern malignant tumour microscope angiosperm angiospermae angiospermous physiological condition angiotonin vasoconstrictor stand angle-park angular angledozer schemer anglerfish anglesey anglesey four-footed butterfly red worm england old english anglican protestantism anglicisation anglicise anglicism anglicization change fishing anglo-american anglo-catholic anglo-catholicism anglo-french anglo-indian anglo-jewish anglo-norman anglo-saxon anglomania champion anglophil admiration anglophilic hater dislike dislike angola angolan angolese angora angostura angraecum angrecum emotional arousal angry anxiety angstrom unit family anguidae fish genus anguillan anguillidae animal order anguillula diapsid reptile reptile genus anguish anguished angular form cuspate angulation angus lemur mental state physiological condition anhima family anhimidae anhinga anhingidae anhydride physiological state anhydrous ani symptom monocot genus anil old aminobenzine anima animadversion animadvert fishlike animal-like animal-worship being organism kingdom animalia brutalisation animalise animalism philosophy animality line drawing alter animallike animise spirited animateness enlivening animateness animatism animatistic animator animatronics anime change animism animist animistic animize bad blood enmity ion ion pimpinella anisum anise-scented aniseed aniseikonia vision defect liqueur gamete gamete sexual reproduction amphimixis anisogamy anisometric anisometropia eye condition anisoptera fish genus eolotropic anisotropy pear national capital ankle ankle-deep astragal anklet bangle ankus congenital abnormality ankylosaur ankylosaur ankylose ankylosis ankylotic organ anna city historian annalistic annals annam vietnamese annamite state capital mountain peak anne anneal annealed hardening annelid phylum annelida phylum wing body part body part annexation annexational annexe reptile family extinguish wiped out withering destruction annihilating destroyer anniversary annona annonaceae annotate annotating annotation annotator announce proclaimed announcement communicator nark chafe annoyed vexer annoying period of time each year finger annuitant annuity annul ring-shaped annular annulated heraldic bearing annulment annulus annum tell proclamation indicator annunciatory annwn annwfn ano anoa arthropod family anodic anode electrode anodize anodize anodonta anodyne anoectochilus anoestrous anestrum physiological condition anogramma inunct religionist anointing anointment anole anolis arthropod genus anomalist fish family anomalops anomalopteryx oweni anomalous anomalousness anomaly anomic aphasia anomic anomie family anomiidae isolation anon anon. anonym anonymity anonymous anoperineal arthropod genus anopheline cecity anoplura jacket anorchia anorchidism abnormalcy anorectal anorectic anorexia sick person anorexigenic anorgasmia anorthic anorthite plagioclase anorthography visual defect anosmatic dysomia dysomia animal order another playwright anova anovulant biological process anoxemia anoxemic anoxia anoxic ans ansaid st. anselm bird genus animal order animal order subfamily anserinae dopy semitic deity answer answerability answerable accountability respondent answering ant ant-like antabuse antacid get at state adversary antagonistic get at antakiya antioch antalya antananarivo celestial point antarctic antarctic continent binary tyrannid ante anteater nonmodern antecede priority antecedency relation previously antechamber hinge joint antedate antediluvial antiquated echinoderm genus antedonidae architectural ornament bovid antelope-like a.m. antemortem antepartum tentacle antennal genus antennaria family antennariidae antennal antenuptial prenatal syllable antepenultima last fore precedence anterograde anteroom medicinal drug anthelmintic anthem anthemis anther genus antheraea staminate anthericum reproductive structure antheridiophore antheridium antheropeas gamete anthesis anthidium anthill anthoceropsida anthoceros anthocerotaceae order anthocerotales anthologise anthologist anthologize anthology anthonomus susan brownell anthony anthophagous anthophilous anthophyllite class class actinozoa anthozoan anthracite anthracitic anthracosis anthrax rosid dicot genus anthropical anthropical partiality partiality anthropocentrism anthropogenesis anthropogenic anthropogenic phylogenesis anthropoid nonhuman suborder anthropoidea devotion anthropological social scientist social science anthropometric anthropometrical anthropometry anthropomorphic ascribe anthropomorphism impute anthropomorphous anthropophagite anthropophagous anthropophagus anthropophagy house plant genus anthus genus anthyllis anti anti-american anti-catholicism anti-inflammatory anti-intellectual anti-semite anti-semitic anti-semitism antiacid vasoconstrictor antiaircraft antialiasing antiapartheid antiarrhythmic antiauthoritarian antibacterial hadron association antibiotic antiblack antibody antic malignant neoplasm anticatalyst anticholinergic anticholinesterase antichrist anticipant call anticipated logical thinking anticipant anticipator anticipatory close anticlimactical conclusion anticlinal anticlockwise medication anticoagulation anticoagulative anticonvulsant atmosphere atmospheric state medicinal drug medicine medication antidiuretic drug artificial language mammal genus counteractive remedy antidromic antilepton medication antiepileptic philosophy antiestablishmentarianism antifeminism bigot antiferromagnetic antiferromagnetism contraceptive agent protective antifreeze antifungal agent antigen matter mythical being genus antigonia general anagram antigua island antiheretical antihero antihistamine medicine antiknock subatomic particle archipelago genus antilocapra mammal family antilog number genus antilope antimacassar antimagnetic antimalarial drug antimatter hadron antineoplastic antimicrobial agent metallic element metal antimonic antimonopoly sb antilepton antimycin antimycotic antitumour antilepton nucleon antinode antinomasia antinomian theological doctrine antinomy antakiya inhibitor antiparallel fundamental particle antipasto hostile antipathetical antipathy antipersonnel antiperspirant antiphlogistic antiphon church music antiphonary antiphony rhetorical device antipodal antipode antipodal antipodes antipollution antipope antiproton antiprotozoal drug local anaesthetic ataractic antipyresis antipyretic antiquary elementary particle antiquary antiquate antiquated antique age action asterid dicot genus antisatellite antisemitic antisemitism antisepsis healthful disinfect serum antisocial antispasmodic antistrophe antistrophic antisubmarine drug antitank antilepton rhetorical device antithetic different nontoxic antitoxin antitrade prevailing wind antitrust antitumor antitumour medicament antitype antitypic internal representation antivenene antivenin meclizine antiviral antler antler-like antlered antlia antlion antofagasta roman emperor marcus antonius antony opposite contrastive antonymy antrorse mammal genus cavum antsy semitic deity antwerp urban centre anu anubis toroid semitic deity salientia anuran sickness anuretic sickness anuric acaudal anus antwerp anvil anxiety anxiolytic anxious apprehensively anxiety any anyway anymore anywhere anything anyhow anyplace anzac anzio aorist tense arterial blood vessel aortal aortic rubor aotus maned sheep apace apache great hall apalachicola apanage armadillo separate social policy living accommodations apathetic apathy apatite brontosaur thunder lizard apatura apc ape ape-man apeldoorn apelike apennines aper outline aperea medicine nonoscillatory inebriant starter hole mimicry petalless apex aphaeresis aphaeretic aphagia aphakia aphakic rock stone encephalopathy aphasic aphasmidia point of apoapsis apheresis deletion aphesis aphetic aphid family aphididae aphidoidea arthropod genus aphonia voiceless aphorise maxim intellect aphoristic aphorize dark aphriza concupiscence stimulant drug aphrodisiacal greek deity aphrophora liliid monocot family aphyllanthes aphyllophorales leafless apia family umbelliferae apian sodbuster apiarist shed apical unsubdivided apicultural bee-keeping farmer apidae to each one apios arthropod genus apish apishamore apium apivorous aplacental aplacophora aplacophoran corrected dysplasia aplectrum igneous rock igneous rock aplodontia aplodontiidae aplomb aplysia aplysiidae symptom apneic apneic apoapsis apocalypse apocalyptic apocalyptical apocarpous apochromatic apocope apocrine apocrypha religious text magnoliopsid family apocynaceous dicot genus apodal apodeictic bodily structure apodemus apodictic apodidae order apodiformes apodal apoenzyme apogametic apogamic apogamous apogamy apoapsis apogee fish genus apogonidae superfamily apoidea apoapsis siphonophore unpolitical wilhelm apollinaris de kostrow phoebus apologetic theology apology apologise apologist apologize apologue instance aposelene plant life apomictic apomictical agamogenesis morphia aponeurosis fascia going away rhetorical device faith apophatism aphorism outgrowth apophysis attack apoplectiform apoplectoid apoplexy apoptosis caryophylloid dicot genus apolune rhetorical device rhetorical device apostasy ratter renounce apostatise apostle apostleship disciple apostolical rhetorical device apostrophic apostrophize apostrophize apothecary apothecial ascocarp apothegm apothegmatic apothegmatical apotheosize nonsuch apotheosise apotheosise apotropaic shock appalachia appalachian appalachians offend afraid appalling appaloosa grant apparatus apparel dressed apparency apparent apparently obviousness apparition phantasmal ingathering appealable importunate appealingly appealingness appear appearing coming into court appeasable appease calming pacifier appeasing proceedings proceedings appellative denomination append appendage appendaged affixed excision appendectomy appendicitis appendicle appendicular urochordate appendix apperceive apperception perceptive appertain appetency appetency desirous appetiser appetising appetizingness appetency appetitive course appetizing palatableness applaud applaudable applauder applause apple apple-scented apple-shaped apple-sized cart applejack mint applesauce applet edward appleton fruitwood appliance applicability applicable individual computer programme applicative applier applicable applied applier sewing apply note appoint decreed somebody appointed appointment give out allocatable apportioned distribution assignation opposable appose apposite aptness apposition limiting appositive appositively sorting analyse appraiser appraising appreciable appreciate appreciated perceptiveness thankful gratefully gratitude appreciator apprehend apprehended apprehender apprehensible expectation perceptive uneasily fear beginner apprenticed apprenticeship adpressed apprisal apprise apprise favourable reception approach approachability approachable approaching approbate approbation approbative approving alienable appropriate appropriated suitably appropriateness appropriation getting appropriator approval sanction approved authority approving approvingly close roughly connexion approximative appurtenance accessory apr unfit brain disease apractic apresoline apricot april forestage apropos apse apsidal recess semitic deity apt aptenodytes amphiprostylar apterous apterygidae apterygiformes apteryx aptitude aptitudinal with competence aptness apulia bird genus aqaba blue aqua-lung farming cultivation scuba beryl natator simple phobia hydrophobic aquaplane aquarium aquarius liquid aquatics etching hard drink aqueduct binary compound aquicultural aquiculture geological formation aquiferous family aquifoliaceae aquila degli abruzzi columbine columbine hooked aquinas aquitania aquitania ar ara arab arab-berber decoration peninsula riding horse arabic language arabidopsis arability arabis arabist arable arum family aroid genus arachis arachnoid arachnid-like arachnida arachnidian arthropod arachnophobia solon aragon aragonite araguaia araguaya arak order arales aralia araliaceae aram aramean semitic seaweed aramean genus aramus genus aranea order araneida order araneida animal order araneidan aranea veda arapaho algonquian mountain peak arariba araroba constellation river araucaria araucariaceae araujia anti-tnf compound arawakan native american celtic deity araxes arb arbalest arbalist arbiter arbitrable investment arbitrager arbitrageur mediation arbitrement arbitrarily arbitrariness arbitrary talk terms mediation arbitral mediation go-between arbitrement arbor arboraceous arborous arboreal dendroid branchy dendroidal facility arborical arboriculture arboriculturist arboresque separate specializer arborize tree-worship arborous virus arborvitae frame arbovirus shrub arc arc-boutant mollusc genus arcade arcadia rural ancient greek esoteric info arccos arccosecant arccosine arccotangent angular unit arching protozoan family arcellidae arceuthobium archway archean archaebacteria moneron archaeobacteria archaeological anthropology archaeologist anthropology bird bird archaeornithes archaeozoic primitive expression archaise archaism archaist archaistic archaise archangel angel angel archbishop archbishopric archdeacon archdeaconry archdiocesan diocese archducal princess archduchy archduke archean structure plant organ plant organ archegonium cavum archaebacteria archeologic archeological archeologist archeology archeopteryx archeozoic bishop archer archerfish athletics archespore archesporial archesporium archetypal model first annelid worm class archiannelida archidiaconal rank genus archidiskidon archiepiscopal archil genus archilochus abbot archimedes archine arching archipallium dry land terra firma designer architectonic architectonics field of study architecture giant squid support depository archive archives collector in an arch manner archness genus archosargus archosaur archosauria class primate archway arcidae curved arcminute arcsec arcsecant arcsecond arcsin arcsine arctan arctangent frigid arctictis moth family arctiidae arctium arctocebus arctocephalus arctonyx genus arctostaphylos genus arctotis arcturus arcuate cornea arda ardea dry unit ardeidae tableland burning ardisia ardor ardour white lung backbreaking arduousness are area region areaway areca arecaceae arecidae areflexia arena arenaceous arenaria arenaria-melanocephala arbovirus animal virus arendt genus arenga soil area interstice areolate member areopagus city triplochiton scleroxcylon greek deity arete orchidaceous plant argali argali soft tick arthropod family prickly poppy argent argentic metallic argentina argentine argentinian argentinidae dinosaur mineral conductor argil argillaceous sedimentary rock essential amino acid argiope family argiopidae urban centre argle-bargle argo ar venturer genus argonauta argonautidae argonne noble gas argo fleet non-standard speech arguable lay out arguer argufy difference dispute discussion litigious argumentatively argun argus pheasant argus-eyed argusianus argy-bargy argylls gravy boat arthropod genus argyranthemum argyreia mineral argyrol argyrotaenia genus argyroxiphium arhant deity port aria ariadne ariana arianism christian arianrod celtic deity aricara waterless aridity aridness aries aria right ariidae caddoan aril arillate ariled arilus ariocarpus ariomma ariose arioso liliopsid genus arisarum arise arishth appendage aristarchus aristocort aristocracy aristocrat aristocratic aristocratical aristolochia aristolochiaceae order aristolochiales aristopak aristophanes disciple aristotelia aristotelic aristotelianism aristotelic philosopher arithmancy arithmetic arithmetical mathematician arity arius arizona arizonian arizonian mythical being ark arkansan arkansas american arles city arm arm-twisting armada armadillidiidae armadillidium edentate armageddon brandy armament armamentarium armature visual signal armchair briary armenia armenian alphabet armeria armet armful protective covering armhole noble armilla genus armillaria fungus genus armillary arminius arming arminian arminianism arminius cease-fire armless arm band armlike armoire armor armor-bearer armor-clad armor-like armor-plated dilleniid dicot genus armored armorer heraldry armory military unit armour-clad armour-like armour-plated armoured manufacturing business armament cavity armrest arms arms-runner armstrong armed service armyworm arng arnhem tincture river arnold arnoseris aroid olfactory sensation aromatic perfume aromatize arouet around around-the-clock arousal kindle aflame arouser arp chord area unit harquebus arrack impeach official document arrange ordered grouping adapter arranging arrant arras array clad financial obligation inactiveness inactive constraint arresting genus arrhenatherum svante august arrhenius arrhythmia arrhythmic arrhythmical reaching arrive farewell traveller arriviste arroba high-handedness arrogant request arrogated arrogation someone arrow arrow-shaped point arrowroot arrowsmith arrowworm gully buttocks arsehole arsenal arsenate chemical element element arsenide arsenious mispickel arsine fire-raising firebug art family artamidae bird genus male monarch physical object artefactual artemia artemis shrub arterial blood vessel arterial arterialise change pathology arteriectasia arteriogram arthrography arterial blood vessel arterial blood vessel arteriole sclerosis arteriosclerosis sclerosis blood vessel arteritis artery flowing cunning slyly artfulness hurting hurting arthritic inflammatory disease arthrocentesis arthrodesis arthrogram roentgenography external body part arthromeric arthropathy arthroplasty invertebrate phylum arthropodous arthropodan arthropodous fern genus endoscope surgical process arthrospore arthrosporic arthrosporous character character artichoke obligate bound articulary body part articulate articulated articulately articulateness joint voice articulatory articulator pronunciation artifact artifactual tactical manoeuvre artificer artificial artificiality by artificial means artillery man artiodactyl artiodactyla even-toed journeyman artist performing artist artistic artistry naive inexpertly artlessness dicot genus french region liberal arts artsd artsy-craftsy artwork arty arty-crafty aruba arugula arui arulo aroid liliopsid genus arundinaria liliopsid genus semitic deity genus arvicola primitive cartilage arytenoid as asadha asafetida asafetida city asala asama assamese asana religious leader asap wild ginger asarh dicot genus equipment amphibole pneumoconiosis ascaphidae amphibian genus ascariasis family ascaridae worm genus worm genus enter ascendible ascendance ascendancy ascendency ascendence ascendancy ascendent letter of the alphabet ascendible ascendant ascension ascensional ascending ascent determine ascertainable determined self-denial religious person ascetical self-discipline sholem asch nematoda ascidiaceae ascidian computer code pathology pathology herbaceous plant milkweed family magnoliopsid family genus asclepias asclepius fruiting body ascocarpous lichen ascoma ascomycetous fungus ascomycete fungus ascomycota ascomycotina genus ascophyllum ascospore ascosporic spore cravat attributable ascribe ascription ascus asdic asea asean antisepsis antiseptic asexual asexuality imaginary place ash ash-bin ash-blonde ash-gray ash-grey ash-key ash-pan ashamed ashamedly wastebin corn tash ashcan tennis player ashen asheville ashir ashkenazi capital of turkmenistan ashlar toward land ashram ashton semitic deity receptacle ashur ashurbanipal ash-grey collection inhabitant asiatic aside asilidae magnoliid dicot genus isaac asimov hindu calendar month foolish asininity genus asio ask sidelong askant verbalizer skew-whiff asking asklepios asl aslant asleep aslope asmara national capital unsocial asp isfahan aspalathus liliid monocot family antineoplastic amino acid asparagus officinales aspartame vista aspectual poplar turkish monetary unit aspergill fungus family aspergillales brooder pneumonia aspergillus asperity asperse baptism aspersorium asperula mineral asphaltic aspheric aspherical liliaceous plant asphodelaceae genus asphodeline genus asphodelus physiological condition block physiological condition dyspneic hypoxia asphyxiator aspic reptile genus arthropod genus herb fish genus colon wannabee withdraw aspiration aspirator aspire hopeful aspirin aspiring aspis aspleniaceae asplenium squint ass ass-kisser assegai set on vulnerability assailable attacker assam assamese islamist smear dead assassination liquidator thoroughbred assaulter attacking trial assay-mark analyst assagai assemblage tack congregate computer program collection assembly representative assemblywoman acquiescence assenter assentient agreement assert assertable declared asserter asserting declaration assertive assertively self-assertiveness assess taxable assessee assessment tax assessor asset plus assert averment asseverator asshole change development assiduity assiduous assiduity designate conveyable rendezvous assigned assignee assignment duty assignment party assimilable imbibe assimilating absorption absorbent mortal absorptive attend activity assistant aided assistive ordinance assize associability associative associableness familiar related associateship union associational association theory remembering associatory assoil assonance assonant assonate interact miscellaneous assemblage aswan gentle alleviation assuan calming presume assumed presumptuous assumption assumptive ashur assurance assurbanipal assure assured calm assurgent reassuring geographical area assyrian assyriology arthropod family family astacidae arthropod genus astaire astana semitic deity astasia astatic astatine aster aster family astereognosis star class craniometric point asterisk asterisked star asterismal astern asternal asteroid planet asteroidea sterope frailness debilitated weariness layer debility asthma wheezy astigmatic astigmatism condition herbaceous plant astir mouthless astonied astonish astounded impressive surprisingly astonishment astor astound astounded incredible astride astragal os bone astrakhan astral astrantia astraphobia wide fungus genus astride narrow astringency gustatory perception astringent astrobiology astrocyte astrocytic dome astrodynamics navigate navigator glia sextant worship of heavenly bodies astrologist pseudoscience astrologist astrology genus astroloma uranology astronaut astronautic natural philosophy astronautics astronavigation astronium physicist astronomic natural philosophy uranology astronomy uranologist astrophysics echinoderm genus fish genus smart shrewdly depth uncolumned asuncion asunder city hindu deity asurbanipal asvina hindu deity aswan asylum ill-proportioned unsymmetrical asymmetrically asymmetry symptomless straight line asymptotic desynchronisation asynchronous temporal relation asynclitism asyndetic asyndeton pathology asynergic asynergia asystole at at-bat anthelmintic neurological disease amerindian language atakapan ottar ataractic atarax repose ataraxic ataraxis kemal ataturk atavism throwback regressive ataxia ataxic ataxy atayalic ate pathology ateleiosis infantilism mammal genus artist's workroom ateliosis aten beta-adrenergic blocker atf american indian athabaskan athanasianism doctor furnace red indian athapaskan volatile oil atharva-veda atheism disbeliever atheistical irreligious athelstan athena depository library athene atheneum hellene town atherinidae atherinopsis athodyd atherogenesis fat adipose tissue fat atherosclerosis atherosclerotic mammal genus neurological disorder athinai bacteria family athirst contestant recreation athleticism athletics ramjet athos genus athrotaxis obliquely athyriaceae athyrium tipped ativan beleaguering atlantic atlantides mythical place atlas atm measuring system status atmospheric atmospheric atmospheric static cornmeal mush coral reef molecule atom-bomb microscopical atomisation bomb sprayer atomism atomistical atomistical atomization bombard atomiser atomlike aton atonal atonalism musical notation atonality compensate amends atonia unaccented amyotonia amyotonia atopognosis atopognosia atopic allergy atorvastatin atoxic atp bilious weed-killer atresia atreus atrial atrichornis atrichornithidae chamber aweigh caryophylloid dicot genus atrium atrocious atrociously inhumaneness inhumaneness atromid-s genus atropa symptom wasted shrink atropidae atropine atropos atrovent hokan atakapan attacapan touch tie-on specializer attached connecter attack assailant assaultive come through possibleness getable attainableness attainder attained power attaint genus attalea attar modify endeavour attempted attempter see attending attendant cared-for participant attender attending attention attention-getting attentional attentive paying attention attentiveness faded attenuated weakening attenuator attest attester testimony attestant attested attester attestor attic attica arthropod genus male monarch attire attired attitude attitudinal attitudinise attitudinize attlee attorn professional position attosecond attract attractable attracter attraction attractive beautifully attractiveness attractor credited concept sorting attributive attrited erosion attritional attune attuned abnormal untypicality untypically au auberge aubergine chromatic auc auchincloss city auction broker auctorial genus aucuba audacious audaciousness audacity audad poet poet audibility audible audibleness audibly mass modality audio audio-lingual audiocassette audiogram audiology audiometer audiometric mensuration magnetic tape audiovisual aid audit perform sensory system auditor area auditory audubon aug corrupt mythical being augend hand tool nada augite augitic increase increase enhancive augmented polymox augur augury gregorian calendar month capital of maine emperor of rome augustine mendicant solon auk auk aulacorhyncus auld aulostomidae genus aulostomus aum aunt aunt aunty aura sensory receptor showy aurelius aureolaria aura chlortetracycline auric auricle pouch cartilaginous structure auriculare auricularia auriculariaceae order auriculariales auriculate auriculate auriculoventricular auriferous auriform aurify constellation bird genus auriscope bison cockcrow auroral aurorean auroscope auric stockade see diagnostic technique listening auspex bode omen auspices golden auspiciously advantageousness denizen writer solid solution austenitic austere austereness self-discipline town austin austral australasia australasian australia aussie hominid australopithecus austria austria-hungary european nation austro-asiatic genus austrocedrus archipelago tongue genus austrotaxus autacoid secretion autarchic form of government political system autarkic political system independence auteur echt genuinely authenticate echt authentication authenticator credibility author authoress authorial authorisation let canonised authoriser overbearing authoritarianism important authoritatively authorities authority authorization empower empowered authoriser paternity autism autistic auto auto-changer auto-da-fe auto-mechanic autoantibody autobahn autobiographer life story autobiographic life bus catalysis autocatalytic autochthon autochthonal autochthonic indigenous endemism vessel autocoid political orientation despot autocratic dictatorially prompter mortal autodidactic homoecious autoerotic autoeroticism autoerotism fluorescence autofluorescent optical device autogamic self-fertilised self-fertilization spontaneous generation organic phenomenon self-generated autogenics autogenous autogeny autogyro autograft john hancock autographed piece of writing autogiro monoicous autoimmune pathology hypodermic autolatry piece autoloading autologous autolysis autolytic automaker automat automate automatic self-winding mechanically automation automatise automatism automatize automaton automatonlike arthropod genus automobile automobilist moving simple phobia involuntary free independency autophyte autophytic autopilot anaplasty autoplasty autopsy skiagraph skiagraphy autoradiography organic process categorematic breeding autosomal somatic chromosome autostrada autosuggestion autotelic autotelism autotomic shake off shed autotomy plant autotrophic autotypy photography photography time of year autumn-blooming autumn-flowering autumnal french region development maturation secondary auxin growth regulator av avadavat mammal genus utilize availableness available convenience happening bodhisattva avalokitesvara avant-garde senna auriculata covetousness avaricious covetously covetousness mortal sin avascular hindu deity avellan hazel avena avenge penalise aggressor avens aventail transparent gem avenue aver average normalcy averment genus averrhoa attorney antipathetic averting aversive avert avertible avertible avoidance class aves avesta avestan vertebrate vary vary edifice control airmanship flyer aviatress aviatress dr. avicennia asterid dicot family great keenness avidness avifauna avifaunal avifaunistic avignon avionic aeronautics avirulent avitaminosis malnutrition avo alligator pear spare-time activity interest shore bird avogadro foreclose avoidable avoidance avoirdupois county acknowledge affirmation avow avowal avowed admittedly avower avulse avulsion avuncular wait expected awake waken awakened awakening award award-winning awarding aware cognizance afloat away awayness awe awe-inspiring aweary reverent aweigh unawed awesome in awe of overawed unspeakable awful awfulness moving awhile awing awkward awkwardness awl awl-shaped awless subularia aquatica awn awny sunshade covered awnless awny awol awry ax axe axenic antiophthalmic factor axial axil stem bodily cavity angle philosophy philosophy axiom proposition axiomatical axis axle dead axle axolemma axolotl axon nerve fibre axone coronilla varia house servant ayapana ayatollah aye-aye letter of the alphabet ayr ayrshire bird genus ayurveda az antibiotic drug rosid dicot genus azadirachtin azalea subgenus azaleastrum medication china tree azederach azerbaijan asian nation azerbajdzhan azeri azide azido angle angle azo azoic azoimide fern genus fern family azonic azonal azores uremia azote azotemia azotemic n pathology azt nahuatl uto-aztecan antibiotic drug azure azurite azygous azygous azymia b b-52 b-girl b-horizon b-meson b.c. cfc cfo cgs ch'i manchu dynasty cha-cha cha-cha-cha chasidism chabad-lubavitch chabazite chabazite burgundy gallinaceous bird chachka baboon tchad head covering chadar chadian chadic language brassica kaber chador chaenactis rosid dicot genus genus chaenopsis chaeronea chaeta chaetal fish genus chaetodon chaetodontidae worm phylum chaetognathan chaetognathan chafe painful gnaphalium sylvaticum cod chaffer finch chafflike chaffweed chafflike soreness chaga chagall chagatai chagga chagrin abashed chahta chain chain-smoke chain-smoker enchained formed chains chainsaw position chair lift chair berth chairman chairwoman chaise hindu calendar month chaja chalaza chalazion blue stone kadikoy quartz hymenopterous insect chalcidae chalcid family chalcidae genus chalcis mineral copper pyrites genus chalcostigma geographic area chaldee geographic area geographic region chaldee imperial capacity unit house goblet methedrine flat solid chalkpit chalkstone achromatic challah situation challengeable challenger stimulating challis chalons chalons-sur-marne chalybeate iron ore genus chamaea chamaecrista chamaecyparis chamaecytisus chamaedaphne reptile genus constellation chamaeleonidae chamaeleonidae genus chamaemelum chamber chambered chamberlain amah potty chambers textile chameleon edge plate armour chammy chamois herbaceous plant iron ore challenger champagne champagne-ardenne champaign champerty defender title adventurer champleve champollion chanal chanar chance chance-medley chanceful sanctuary chancellery chancellor chancellorship chancellorsville chancery sore chancroid chancroidal sore dangerous chandelier lift chandi chandler stowage chamfron chang changan change change-of-pace change-up changeability changeable quality exchanged astatic changeableness invariant changelessness nipper changeover record changer ever-changing changjiang mountain peak channel channel-surf management construct channelization channelize passage class feast of the dedication feast of lights tea ceremony verbalize chantarelle musical chanter chantarelle chantey singing intoned chapel chanty hannukah feast of dedication pandemonium disorderly chap vegetation flat-bread chapatti chapeau house of worship chapelgoer chaperon defender chapfallen chapiter chaplain chaplaincy chaplainship chaplet chapleted sir charles spencer chaplin pedlar cracked chapter fraternity house chapultepec coal protoctist genus charabanc protoctist family characid family characidae characin fish characinidae enactment description characterise defined characteristic characteristically characterization mark characterised characterless charade charades suborder charadrii family charadriidae order charadriiformes charadrius order charales charcoal charcoal-gray charcoal-grey jean martin charcot charcuterie beet vinifera grape pleading indictable emotional chargeman charger chari chari-nile charina chariness chariot charioteer charisma charismatic charitable charitableness institution chivaree charlatan charlatanism charlemagne charleroi charles charleston charlestown charley-horse brassica kaber urban centre charlottetown appeal enthralled charmer supernatural charnel beef cattle ferryman charophyceae charr mammal genus plan stuff contract chartered charterhouse moral principle chartist chartless yellowish green cleaning woman chary charybdis chase hunted person chaser chasid hassidic chasidim chassidism gap dance chassid chasidic chassidim orthodox judaism chassis pure chastely chew up rebuked simplicity reproval berate corrected reprimand sexual abstention chasuble chat country house chateau-thierry chateaubriand mistress chateura chatoyant chatroom chattahoochee metropolis personal property chatter chatterbox chatterer noise chattily chatty geoffrey chaucer chauffeur chauffeuse taraktagenos kurzii chaulmugra chauna chauvinism nationalist chauvinistic chavez chew rube cheap cheap-jack cheapen cheapjack stingily tat miser cheat cheater cheatgrass dissimulation chebab chechen chechenia chechnya check check-in checkbook checked checker checkerberry wild hollyhock checkerboard checkered checkers checklist vanquish checkout checkpoint checkrein room checkrow confirmation checkup cheddar face bone nervily gall strap cheeky cheep cheer watcher beamish cheerfully attribute sunnily cheering sayonara cheerlead cheerleader cheerless cheerlessly cheerlessness cheery cheese cheeseboard hamburger cheesecake veiling cheeseflower cheeselike monger ungenerous chintzy cheetah john cheever chewink cook chef-d'oeuvre cheilanthes cheilitis birth defect disorder cheiranthus chekov dramatist chela chelate chelated chemical process appendage extremity class chelicerate member chelidonium genus chelifer cheliferous cheloid asterid dicot genus order pseudoscorpiones animal order chelonian chelonidae cheloniidae chelyabinsk genus chelydra family chelydridae mosan chemakum natural science material chemically luminescence luminescence shift take up chemisorption chemisorptive chemist chemist's shop interpersonal chemistry chemnitz chemoimmunology chemoreceptive chemoreceptor edema adsorption chemisorptive chemosurgery chemosynthesis chemotaxis therapy therapy chemotherapy urban centre chen genyonemus lineatus chenille chennai goosefoot family order caryophyllales chenopodium cheops cheque chequebook check patterned cherbourg cheremis cheremiss urban centre cherimolla custard apple treasure treasured chermidae chernobyl iroquoian cigar cherry cherry-like cherry-red cherry-sized cherrystone clam chert silicon oxide angel sweet maria luigi carlo zenobio cher chervil brome chessboard chessman chest metropolis national leader author chestnut tree chestnut-brown chestnut-colored chestnut-coloured chesty big cat chetrum cheval-de-frise vocaliser chevaux-de-frise cheviot cheviots cheese grade insignia ruminant harry harry chew chewa chewable chewer chewing chewink chewy capital of wyoming chi chian chianti chiaroscuro chiasm bodily structure chiasmal chiasmatic structure rhetorical device stylish chicago chicane chicanery chicano pipe chichewa stylish chichipe young bird titmouse chickamauga muskogean language yellow-bellied chicken-breasted chicken-fight chickenfeed fight white-livered pox chickenshit tamiasciurus douglasi leguminous plant herbaceous plant chicle chicness marx chicory root chicot chide rebuke honcho primarily chieftain chieftaincy chieftainship fabric chiffonier dziggetai flea orange milkweed chignon chigoe flea chihuahua chilblain chilblained chilblain juvenile person child-centered child-proof birth labour childbirth childcare childhood infantile puerility childless situation childly childly childproof south american nation south american chili thou chiliasm millenarian chiliastic chill chiller chili pepper chilliness chilling chilly chiloe genus chilomastix genus chilomeniscus chilomycterus class chilopsis chimaera chimaeridae chimakum chimaphila hoka mountain peak sound chimera chimeral chimeric chimerical chimney chimneypiece chimneypot chimneystack chimneysweep chimneysweeper magnoliid dicot genus pongid pan troglodytes bantoid language elevate chin-up chin-wag chin-wagging china azedarach chinaman chinaware chinkapin hemipteron chincherinchee chinchilla family chinchillidae chinchillon tree chinchy slaughter asian chinese-red chingpo clink chinquapin stopped-up opisthognathous textile genre chinook chinook chincapin chintz chintzily cheesy asterid dicot genus chionanthus chios fleck hardboard athapascan squirrel sausage jalapeno pepper chippendale chipper chippewa chippewaian chippewyan break hurting chirico vocalize chirocephalus chirography chiromancy chiromance chiromancer chiromancy chiromantic chiron chironomidae genus chironomus chiropodist medicine treatment chiropractor chiroptera eutherian mammal emit chirpily chirpiness cheerful chirr chirrup rip off chisel-like chiseled scammer sharper chishona kishinev chislev chit chitchat chitin chitinous chitlings chitlins sea cradle urban centre chittamwood chirp variety meat chittamwood medieval chivalrous gallantly chivalry charivari chive cive get at chivvy chiwere chlamydeous genus chlamydera social disease chlamydiaceae true bacteria family chlamydomonadaceae chlamydomonas reptile genus chlamydospore chlamyphore mammal genus plant organ symptom chlor-trimeton chlorambucil chloramine-t chloramine-t antibiotic drug chloranthaceae genus chloranthus chlorate libritabs algae chlorenchyma chlorhexidine chloride treat chlorination chlorine chlorinity chloris chlorite cn gas chlorobenzene chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile chlorococcales chlorococcum chlorofluorocarbon anaesthetize chlorofucin chloramphenicol reptile genus genus chlorophoneus family chlorophthalmidae chlorophyceae chlorophyl chlorophyl chlorophyllous chlorophyllous division chlorophyte compound chloroplast butadiene antimalarial greensickness antihypertensive iron deficiency anaemia chloroxylon chlorpromazine organophosphate chlortetracycline chlorthalidone chlorura collar cell choc choc-ice chock chock-a-block chock-full chuck-full chock-full drink chocolate-brown chocolate-colored chocolate-coloured choctaw choeronycteris choice choiceness choir choirboy choirmaster coil choke-full chokecherry clogged chokedamp choke hold bottleneck slayer chokey suffocation prison cholangiography rubor cholecarciferol cholecystectomy cholecystitis lithiasis cholelithotomy choler cholera infectious disease choleric cholestasis sterol cholesterol b vitamin cholinergic cholinesterase cholla choloepus eating chomping chomsky south korean monetary unit cartilaginous fish chondrichthyes chondrify chondrin cell organ stone chondritic achondroplasia nonmalignant neoplasm sarcoma granule chondrus chongqing choo-choo choose chooser choosy choosey chop chop-chop chopfallen steakhouse composer chopine chopped hopper choppiness stormy chopsteak chopsticks leader leader choral choral chord chordal chordomesoderm phylum chordata chordate genus chordeiles chorditis chordomesoderm chordophone rosid dicot genus chore canine chorea orchestrate creator dance terpsichore company chorine tissue layer choriomeningitis sac chorionic retinitis choriotis vocalist genus chorizagrotis chorizema chorizo choroid coat express mirth chorus favourite chou chough chouse chow conserves chowder chrestomathy holy oil chrisom prophet christ's-thorn christchurch fern baptise christendom baptism christlike christiania christianisation convert christianity christianization christianize christian author christless christlike christly national holiday christmasberry christmastide christmastime religious doctrine christology st. christopher chroma chromesthesia salt auburn chromaticity chromatid chromatin chromatinic chromatism recording chromatographic chromatographical activity chrome synaesthesia chromite metallic element chromium-plate chromoblastomycosis chromogen lithography group chromoplast body body chromosphere degenerative chronically chronicle chronicler timer chronological chronologise chronologize humanistic discipline clock chronoperates measuring instrument chrysalis chrysanthemum genus chrysaora araroba chrysemys rosid dicot genus chrysoberyl chrysochloridae chrysochloris hamamelid dicot genus chrysolite genus chrysolophus chrysomelid family chrysomelidae chrysophrys class magnoliopsid genus division chrysophyta stink fly arthropod family chalcedony asterid dicot genus chrysosplenium chrysothamnus chrysotherapy chrysotile infernal infernal chuang-tzu chub pudginess plump chuck chuck-full chuck-will's-widow chucker-out hollow chuckle chuckwalla chuddar ground almond blow pleased chug chukaku-ha chukchi chukka chukker chukker-brown chum chumminess friendly patsy chunga urban centre glob chunking chunky channel tunnel body church-state churchgoer religious churchill churchillian churchly churchly churchman churchwarden churchyard trousers boor churlish churlishly churn churned-up churning let loose churrigueresque baroque chute chute-the-chute condiment chutzpa hutzpah mortal chuvash bodily fluid bodily fluid body fluid chylific bodily fluid body fluid elephantiasis scroti particle chylaceous food rennin chytridiaceae fungus order class chytridiomycetes ci cia cialis ciao ciardi cibotium cicada cicada-like family cicadellidae cicadidae cicala symptom scar cicatrix pock rosid dicot genus speech-maker guide percoid fish family cichlidae cichorium cicindelidae bird genus family ciconiidae ciconiiformes cicuta cid cyder mechanical press cigar cigar-shaped cigarette fag round scad cigar cilantro organelle ciliary class ciliata ciliate ciliate cilioflagellata ciliophora ciliophoran cilium cim old master cimarron alkalizer cimex arthropod family cimicifuga cimmerian cinch chinchona cinchonine cincinnati national leader bird family cinclus waistcloth fragment cinderella cine-camera cine-film cinema cinematic cinematize cinematise cameraman filming cineraria niche cinerary cingulum arctiid moth cinnamene cinnamomum cinnamon bark cinnamon-coloured cinnamon-red cinnamon-scented cinque cinquefoil cio cipher cipro cipro cira circadian circaea bird genus white sorceress ringed constellation circle adornment group roundabout electronic equipment circular circular-knit advertising circularise roundness publicizing poll bare circulating dissemination circulatory travel circumambulate circumboreal circumcise feast of the circumcision circumduction circumference circumferent bypass circumflex circumfuse circumlocution circumlocutory periphrastic circumnavigate circumnavigation circumpolar decrease restricted restriction prudent circumspection cagily condition condition specific circumstantially circumstantiate circumvallate beat circumvention circumvolute circumvolution turn show cirio basin liver disease tendril class cirrocumulus cirrostratus cloud cirrus genus cirsium cis ultramontane cisc whitefish cislunar ultramontane sissy cistaceae cistercian sac sac genus cistothorus sequence dilleniid dicot genus stronghold citation notice mammal genus genus citharichthys cither cithern urban citify citizen grouping citizenship citlaltepetl gittern citrange citrate citric citrin transparent gem citrous fruit citroncirus citronwood fruit tree citrulline genus citrullus fruit tree cither city city-born city-bred city-like city-state citified cityscape citywide cive civet subject social science civies civil civil-libertarian civil civilisation down advanced civility civilization civilize polite civilly plain clothes cjd cl clabber valve black protection clade cladistics cladode cladogram cladonia family cladoniaceae cladophyll cladorhyncus cladrastis claforan affirm claimant clairvoyance clairvoyant banknote clamant suborder clamatores animal order cookout scramble dankness wet polanisia dodecandra clamor clamoring strident clamorously clamour hue and cry inflict clampdown clams grapple kindred covert clangouring blooper clanging clangor clangoring clangorous clangour bird genus go noisy clubby cliquishly clannishness clansman clansman clap siding tongue photographic equipment clapperclaw clappers hand clapping claptrap following carriage claret clarification clarified elucidate clarifying clarinet player clarinettist clarion uncloudedness clark city claro salvia sclarea clangouring incompatible clasp educational activity class-conscious creative person classical classicalism change classicism classical scholar idiom classicize classic identifiable classification classificatory top-secret morpheme classify classless classmate classroom classwork stylish clast detachable fungus family reticulated clathrus clatter clattering noisy lameness emperor of rome grammatical construction article clausewitz psychoneurotic claustrophobia claustrophobic basal ganglion clavariaceae claver fungus genus clavichord clavicipitaceae collarbone clavier clavus nipper claw-shaped return unguiculate clawfoot clawhammer unguiculated honk soil clay-like clayey claymore claystone claytonia clayware cleaned clean-burning clean-cut clean-handed clean-limbed clean-living clean-shaven clean cleaned labourer cleaners cleaning cleanliness clean cleanness cleanse cleansed preparation antiseptic cleanthes cleanup broad clear-cut clear-eyed clear-sighted clear-thinking clearance preciseness improved clearheaded clearing clearly clearness clearstory route richweed fastener hold fast divisible cleavage cleave cleaver cleavers clef indentation cleg horse fly cleistes cleistocarp cleistogamous self-pollination cleistogamy cleistothecium vine solon clemency mark twain lenient mandarin clench clenched spiderflower queen regnant clepsydra clerestory clergy reverend cleric clerical policy disciple clerid beetle cleridae verse elite salesperson clerking clerkship clethra dilleniid dicot family mammal genus cleveland ingenious cleverly ingenuity coupler glob clod cli shrub comment unoriginal clichy clichy-la-garenne click click-clack clickety-clack clickety-click client business relation patronage cliff cliff-brake cliff-hanging competition clifflike clifflike dicot genus change of life climactic condition climatic environmental condition climatologist meteorology flood tide climb climb-down scalable climber climbing clime slip noose tight tool clincher-built geneticist cling clingfilm percoidean clingstone clinic clinical clinician clinid fish family clinidae tink fragment clinker-built clinking clinocephalism clinocephaly congenital disorder clinometer asterid dicot genus nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory tinselly dewitt clinton clintonia clio clioquinol clip clip-clop clip-on clipboard docked clipper clippety-clop clipping clique private cliquishly snobbery erectile organ genus clitocybe clitoral rosid dicot genus erectile organ excision clitoris clitter clive clivers cloaca cloak cloak-and-dagger cloaked garment-worker waiting room crush cloche quantify clock-watching continuance journeyman clocks journeyman clockwise clockwork clod cloddish clodhopper medicinal drug footgear clogged clogging compact adorned residence cloistered monastical clomid clomiphene clomipramine clomp clon being copy clonic antihypertensive drug cloning convulsion clop clopping clorox close close-fitting close-grained close-hauled close-knit close-minded close-packed close-set drawn closed-chain closed-circuit closed-door closed-minded closed-ring closing closefisted closelipped nearly closely-held secretive nearness closeout finisher nearest closet closeup closing clostridium clostridium gag rule clot clotbur cloth habilitate clothed apparel brush clotheshorse clothesless clothesline fastening clothespress clothier clothing greek deity clogged clotting cloture atmospheric phenomenon cloud-covered cloud-cuckoo-land cloudberry soaker troubled semidarkness clouding clear cloudlessness cloudlike indistinct clout clove tree clove-scented divided cloven-footed cloven-hoofed herb clover-root interchange cloveroot clovis clowder clown harlequinade clownish clownlike cloy cloying clozapine neuroleptic drug diagnostic test clubhouse club-head club-moss club-shaped clubable clubbable symptom clubbish clubby misshapenness clubfooted clubhead clubhouse clubroom cry clucking clue uninformed spaniel clump clumping clumsiness clunky clunch clop clunking gawky fish genus malacopterygian fish family tree family guttiferae cluster concentrated agglomeration taking hold clutches disorder cluttered clv clx one hundred sixty-five clxx cardinal clxxx clyde dray horse protective covering enema clytemnestra cm cmb cosmic radiation cmv cnemidophorus cnicus cnidaria cnidarian rosid dicot genus cnidosporidia cnossos cnossos cnpz cns canute co co-author co-beneficiary co-defendant co-discoverer co-ed co-educate co-occur co-occurrence co-occurrent co-op co-opt co-optation co-option co-ordinate co-ordinated co-pilot co-referent co-respondent co-sign co-star co-vary co-worker co2 coach coach-and-four artisan work coachman vine cactus coact cooperation coadjutor thick coagulator enzyme curdled thick coagulation coagulant glob coahuila coal coal-black coal-burning coal-fired coalbin merge fused coalescence coalescency coalescent coalescing face field coalhole union coalman coalpit framing coapt coarctate compression granulated coarse-furred coarse-grained coarse-haired coarse-textured coarsely coarsen coarsened graininess coast coastal protective cover military service sailor soil coastline coastal outer garment frock oily coat coati coati-mondi coati-mundi coating coat rack room coattail joint author cajole concentrical inducer concentrical coaxing coaxingly cob cyanocobalamin metal cobaltite cobber cobble cobbler cobblers paving stone cobbling rachycentron canadum cobitidae corylus avellana programming language cobra spider web cobwebby coca cocain cocaine anaesthetize cocainize coenzyme true bacteria cocci coccidae animal order mycosis desert rheumatism coccidiosis sporozoan coccinellidae coccobacillus coccoid arthropod family coccothraustes cocculus coccus bone bone coccyzus hokan cochin cochineal indian chieftain cochlea tube-shaped structure dilleniid dicot genus cochlearius aviator cock cock-a-doodle-doo cock-a-hoop cock-a-leekie ornament imaginary place zany silly parrot parrot cockatoo mythical creature melolontha melolontha sir john cockcroft cockcrow english cocker spaniel cock cockeyed cockfight blood sport cockhorse cockiness crease cockle-bur cockle-burr cocklebur cockleburr cockleshell attic londoner cockpit cockroach celosia cristata grass cockspur cocksucker confident cocksureness cocktail cockup assertive cocky-leeky cocoa palm beverage coconut tree coconspirator coconspire palm tree retreat cocooning cocopa cocopah coconut cocoswood cocotte taro vegetable marrow jean cocteau titan cocoswood river cod cod-like ending rosid dicot genus coddle person written communication codefendant opiate coder codetalker codex gadoid methuselah rosid dicot genus codicil systematisation written systemize writing codfish codlins-and-cream sequence codpiece codswallop william frederick cody coeducate teaching coeducational constant coelacanth coelenterata coelenterate sac coeliac genus coeloglossum coelogyne coelom ceratosaurus optical device religious cenobitic coenobitical molecule equal coerce coercion powerful bird genus family coerebidae coeval synchronous coevals be beingness coexistent synchronal commensurate cofactor genus coffea coffee california buckthorn coffeecake coffeehouse pot chest cofferdam coffin cofounder cog believability cogent toothed totter cogitable ponder cogitation reflexion brandy cognate relationship cognizable consciousness cognizant cognize cognition cognitive cognisable knowingness cognizant cognize surname cognoscenti cognoscible cogwheel domicile cohabitation cohan cohere coherence coherency coherent coherently force cohesive cohesiveness cohn coho cohoe band cohosh feather palm skullcap coiffe hairstylist coiffeuse set coign coigne southern beech coil twisted volute strike coin-operated neologism coincide fortuity coincident coincidental coincidentally coincidently cooccurring author coinsurance insure coir copulatory coition sexual congress coke col large intestine cullender colaptes colbert butter colchicaceae colchicum analgesic colchis cold cold-blooded cold-bloodedly cold-cream cold-eyed cold-shoulder cold-temperate coldcock coldcream coldhearted coldheartedness coldly coldness coldwork crucifer coleonyx animal order coleridge coleridgian poet coleslaw sidonie-gabrielle colette flame nettle kail hurting colicky colicroot colima bird genus coliphage coliseum rubor cooperate collaboration quislingism collaborationist collaborative collaborator ikon collagen enzyme collagenic collagenous collapsable collapse foldaway neckband collarbone kail cole band collate collateral collateralize collation co-worker collect curiosity self-possessed collectedly oddment collecting accumulation collective conjointly collectivisation collectivise socialistic collectivism collectivist collectivistic organization collectivize collectivist collector colleen educational institution collegial collegian collegial animal order springtail collet collide atom smasher collie mineworker pit colligate colligation aline collimation scope linear writer asterid dicot genus asterid dicot genus hit collocalia chunk collocation collodion consult mixture colloidal conversational colloquialism informally colloquium colloquy planographic printing collude collusion collusive dirty collyrium collywobbles colobus monocot genus perfume republic of colombia colombian colombo colon commissioned military officer colonial exploitation truster high colonic colonisation colonise colonised colonizer migrator colonisation colonize inhabited colonizer colonnade columned colonoscope colonoscopy colony colophon colophony color color-blind coloradan hamelia patens colorado coloration coloratura colorcast colorectal colored colorfast colorful colorimeter colorimetric colorimetrical colorimetric analysis coloring colorise colorist colorize colorless colorlessness colors colossae colossal colosseum phrygian epistle to the colossians important person ostomy milk material colour-blind colouration colourcast coloured shot food colour colourise colourise livid achromatism colours colpitis colpocele colpocystitis colpocele upset six-shooter coltan wedge coltish coltsfoot coluber serpent colubridae colubrina colugo bird genus columbarium dovecote capital of south carolina navigator columbidae order columbiformes flower columbite columbite-tantalite atomic number 41 deer's-ear cristobal colon tower column columnar columnea columnar placement columnlike columnist columnlike genus colutea podicipitiformes colza tomentum comal comanche comandra comate comatose unconsciousness genus comatula feather star comatulidae device comb-like comb-out comb-plate combat combat-ready combatant agonistic combatively militance combed combinable combination combinatory combinatorial combinatory combinatorial combine hyphenated hairdressing compounding band combretaceae woody plant combustible combustive conflagrate combustibility comburent combustibleness oxidization comburent come come-at-able come-on comeback performing artist comedienne comedo abasement fun comeliness comely jan amos komensky comer edible estraterrestrial body comet-like cometary estraterrestrial body comeupance deserts comfit affluence comfy comfortableness well comfortable comforter consoling consolingly uncomfortable comforts herb comfy comic mirthful comicality coming sigint comity comma military group commander commandeer military man commandership commandery commanding commandment military personnel flower spiderwort family order xyridales commelinidae commemorate commemorating commemoration commemorative start out exercise commend praiseworthy laurels organism commensalism commensurate coextensive correspondence report statement interpret observer department of commerce commercial commercialisation commercialise commercialised mercantilism development commercialize commercialized commie anathematize commination denunciatory commingle comminute commiphora sympathise ruth sympathetic official commissariat commissary administrative unit commissionaire accredited administrator commission commissure commit commitment committal committed committedness committee committeeman committee member commix combination commode commodious commodiousness commodity commissioned naval officer communal common-law material possession socio-economic class socio-economic class commoner commonly commonness commonplace commonplaceness parcel commonsense commonsense commonsensical commonweal commonwealth commotion raise up territorial division share communalism communalize commune catching communicant transmit communicating communication communicational communications communicative communicativeness person communicable ritual communique establishment communise political orientation political theory ideology occupational group social control communize commutability exchangeable commutate mercy commutative commutator commute commuter travelling comoros hirsute comp compact crunch compactly compactness comrade companionableness companionable sociableness friendly companionship companionway company comparability like comparably comparative comparatively compare comparison comparability comparison-shop array storage space compartmental compartmentalisation compartmentalise compartmentalised compartmentalization compartmentalize compartmented compartmented compass fellow feeling compassionate pityingly compassionateness compatibility well-matched compatibly national person tell persuasive compendious compendium compensable even out compensated defence reaction emcee contend competence competency competent capably competitive business relation competitive competitively fight competitor competing compilation compile computer programme compiling self-satisfaction complacency contented plain complainant squawker complaining complainingly complaint complaintive complaisance complaisant complect complement complementary complementarity complementary complementation comprehensive complete completely unity completing completion compound someone complexify imbue complexity quality conformity compliancy acquiescent complicate complicated complicatedness complication guilt compliment unpaid regard canonical hour complin complot comply constituent comport comportment compose composed composedly musician composing family asteraceae complex compositeness composing compositional compositor change over composure sweet binate combined compounding comprehend comprehended comprehendible comprehensibility fathomable comprehension broad comprehensively fullness constrict shut compressibility squeezable pressing encoding mechanical device comprise compromise compromiser compromising compsognathus compton comptonia accountant office compulsion compulsive compulsively compulsivity compulsiveness compulsorily compulsory sorrow calculable reckoning computational compute information processing system computerise computerized computerization computerize computerized computing associate comradeliness hail-fellow-well-met chumminess comradeship comstock comstockery philosopher comtism con elephant's ear national capital chain link cupular concavely concaveness concavity concavo-concave concavo-convex hold back concealed concealing isolation concede conceding pride conceited conceitedly conceitedness possibility imaginable conceivableness consider formed mastermind concenter prototype assembled compactness concentre coaxial concentrical concentricity city concept conception conceptional conceptive abstract conceptualisation conceptualize conceptualism philosophical doctrine conceptualization conception conceptualize conceptus concern concerned square up concert-goer concerted barbed wire concertize concertize serious music concession concessionaire concessionaire contract conch anatomical structure cardinalfish conchologist conchology concierge conciliable quieten conciliation appeasing conciliator conciliatory concise concisely conciseness concision meeting conclude terminated closing end conclusive conclusively conclusiveness concoct excogitation concomitance accompanying concord concordance conformable covenant concourse tangible concretely concreteness action concretize mental representation concretistic nail down concubinage concubine desire concupiscent pass off concurrence concurrency coincidental at the same time concordant shake concussion compel condemnable judgement of conviction inculpatory guilty condemning condensation shrinkage condense condenser condensing condescend condescending condescendingly affableness condescension merited seasoning condition dependent conditionality conditionally in condition coach learning condo sympathize acknowledgement condolent contraceptive device abode forgiveness condone condor condorcet further causative conduct conductance conducting conductivity semiconducting conductivity conductor conductor conduit condylar outgrowth craniometric point genus condylura strobilus cone-bearing cone-shaped flower conelike conenose bug conepatus conessi conestoga gnawing mammal confab chitchat confabulation confect goody confectionary shaper store confederacy confederate alliance confederative confabulate receiver word bestowal bestowal conferred conferrer conferva confess confessedly confession stall confessor confetti confidant confidant commit sureness confident close confidentiality confidently trustful trustfully contour configurational gestalt psychology tack together configured decrease snowbound restraint scope restrictive support confirmable religious ritual substantiating confirmatory chronic verifying confiscate condemned seizure confit confectionery ignite conflagration conflate engagement conflicting confluence convergent conflux change consonant conformance abidance conforming conformism conformist agreement misidentify perplexed confoundedly unsupportive confrere confront face-off confrontational philosophical theory philosophical doctrine confucianist confucius similar confuse confused confusedness unclear bewilderingly confusion questionable confutation refutable confute confuter ballroom dance discharge congeal congealed curing congee congelation organism congener being congeneric congenerous sympathetic friendliness congeniality congenital conger eel sum total congest engorged congestion congestive imperial gallon conglobate conglomeration form conglomerate conglomeration conglutinate conglutination african country african english breakfast tea feel felicitation approval congratulatory congregate assembly congregation social group protestantism congregationalist carnal knowledge congressional congressman congresswoman congreve family congridae congruence congruous harmoniousness compatible congruence conic conical hypha conidiospore conidium gymnospermous tree coniferales coniferophyta class coniferopsida class evergreen genus conilurus conima coniogramme conium theoretical conjecture link conjoined conjoint together connubial connubial conjugated conjugate conjunction concerted conjunction conjunctiva mucosa conjunctive conjunctivitis occasion conjuration conjure magician conjury prestidigitator conjury conk conker conn zebrawood family connarus related to connatural tie in connected connectedness instrumentation river connecticuter connecting instrumentation connective property connexion connexion conniption tacit consent connive shrewd genus connochaetes authority connoisseurship little mo connolly james scott connors signification connotational connotative predicate conjugally genus conocarpus conoclinium conodont animal order conodontophorida cone conopodium magnoliopsid genus conoy assume conquerable conquering conqueror conquest explorer conrad asterid dicot genus kin consanguineal kin family relationship shame conscience-smitten conscienceless conscientious conscientiously conscience just conscious consciously consciousness conscript conscription consecrate ordained dedication consecutive consensual consensus consent accordant consentaneous willing resultant consequent important consequentially consequently conservancy conservation conservationist ideology buttoned-up guardedly conservativism conservativist school conservator conservatoire economise conserved preserve conserving study extended considerably kind with consideration kindness consideration thoughtful entrust consignee consigner consignment shipper belong uniformity uniformness consistent systematically tribunal associate consolable consolation reassuring soothe genus consolida solidify amalgamated combine centralizing comforting comfortingly soup harmoniousness consonant consonantal ring choir syndicate organism conspectus egregious prominently strikingness agreement plot coconspirator game conspire constable force constance constancy unchangeable copper-base alloy constantine constantinople constantly assumption constellate plan consternate alarm constipate bound constipating irregularity constituency grammatical constituent constitute deep-seated constitution essential constitutionalise constitutionalism advocator render constitutionally organic constrain constrained constraining device tighten constricted constricting constriction constrictive ophidian constringe interpretation build construction structural constructive-metabolic quality constructivism constructivist constructor construe with consubstantial consubstantiate consubstantiation custom manual consuetudinary consul consular diplomatic building consulship consult consultancy adviser consultation advisory informative informatory expendable have consumed consumer consumerism overwhelming consummate completed wind-up ingestion ill contact contadino contagion contagious infectiously bear contained instrumentality containerful containerise containerized containerize containerized containership restraint contamination contaminate contaminated contaminating contamination contaminative disdain cerebrate stare contemplative contemplativeness contemporaneousness synchronic contemporaneousness contemporaries current pass off contemporize contempt despicability despicable disrespectful contemptuously contemptuousness contend contender competitive content contented content averment contentious contentiousness contentment contents commensurate contention contestable contestant contestation contested winner eristic context discourse closeness adjacent nearness control continency continent continent-wide europe happening dependence gathering recurrent continuation continuant continuation continuative bear on continued continuing playscript continuo ceaseless unendingly incessancy continuum portuguese monetary unit genus contopus twist contorted tortuousness contortionist contour line smuggled moon-curser low-pitched bassoon contraception protective contraclockwise bid contagious shrunken contracted ability contracting reduction bridge player written agreement muscle contraction contradance contravene contradiction in terms contradictoriness contradictory differentiation separate double bassoon cloud advise contraindication contralateral singer contraption contrapuntal composer investor contrariety contrarily willfulness contrarious vice versa perverse contrast contrasting antonymous contrasty contravene contravention trip the light fantastic skirmish lend contributory contribution contributive writer tributary contrite remorsefully contriteness sorrow innovation create mentally contrived deviser relation manageable controlled controller controllership dominant controversial controversialist polemically arguing confute insubordinate contumaciously contumacy disrespectful contumeliously contumely wound contused contusion contusioned enigma conurbation genus conuropsis meliorate healing convalescent liliid monocot genus liliid monocot family circulate convection heater foregather caller convenience conveniences expedient conveniently convening community meetinghouse convention established conventionalisation conventionalise conventionalised conventionalism orthodoxy conventionalization interpret artificial conventionally attendee conventual unite representation convergence convergent convergence conversance conversancy conversant conversation conversational verbaliser conversationally conversationist talk transformation convert convert converted convertor convertibility exchangeable convertor umbel-like convexity convexly shape convexo-concave convexo-convex express transferable conveyance attorney conveyancing sent conveyer conveyance conveyor convict convicted oxylebius pictus sentence win over convinced persuasible conclusive convincingly convincingness sociable conviviality convocation convene turn intricate whirl convolve convolvulaceae convolvulus escort agitate commotion spastic with convulsions rock rabbit asterid dicot genus coo cooccur cooccurring cook cookbook cooke cooked cooking utensil cookery fire ship's galley cake cookie-cutter cookie-sized cooking cookout kitchen stove cookware cooky cool cool-white coolant cooler coolheaded calvin coolidge coolie temperature reduction coolly imperturbableness coolwart asiatic coon coonhound hound coonskin zamia chicken coop cooper cooperate cooperation cooperative cooperatively cooperativeness collaborator town coordinate coordinated coordinating regulation coordinative organizer river coot cooter sucking louse cop satisfactory copaiba copal copaline copaline partner partnership copesetic cope copeck penutian copenhagen copepod copepoda important copernicia mikolaj kopernik copesetic copasetic stretcher copied duplicator aeroplane pilot cope abundant profusely teemingness two-dimensional copland copley copolymer copolymerise polymerize failure copper copper-bottom copper-bottomed pit viper running hand coppersmith copperware chromatic coppice film producer copra coprinaceae fungus genus coprolalia coprolite stercolith coprophagia coprophagy coppice copt christian genus coptis verb copular copulate copulation connecting copulatory reproduce book copycat edit tenure copyholder repetition copyist redact copyreader legal right copyrighted copywriter coquet coquetry coquet coquettish flirtatiously coquille persephone finger millet coracias coraciidae coraciiformes coracle bird genus corakan coral coral-red coral-wood alumbloom coralberry genus corallorhiza coralroot peacock flower fence coralwort provide gladiator corbie-step step corbina subshrub cord cordage gymnosperm family cordaitales cordaites cordarone unsubdivided corday twilled cord grass cordia cordial cordiality cordially cordierite simple cordite corditis cordless cordoba insignia cordoba leather cords construct textile cordwood family cordylidae cordyline reptile genus midpoint coreference coreferent grammatical relation fish family coregonus hemipterous insect family coreidae religious person corelli herb device corespondent corgard welsh corgi coriaceous coriander genus coriandrum coricidin korinthos composite dermis corixa corixidae cork service fee corkboard corked machine corking bottle opener corkwood corky corm pelecaniform seabird cormose stem corn corn-fed family cornaceae cornbread core corncrake corncrib tissue layer corneal cured playwright dogwood cornelian katherine cornell corneous corner cornerback trapped supposal trump teleost musician corneum grainfield starch cornflower cornhusk worker bee provide fowl englishman englishwoman indian meal cornpone cornsmut cornstalk cornstarch body structure cornucopia cornus county first marquess cornwallis corny rosid dicot genus corolla corollary plant structure coronach lei thrombosis crown enthronisation coroner coronet coroneted coronilla coronion mountain peak jean baptiste camille corot corozo firm bodily corporality corporate potbelly corporal quality corona business firm corpse corpulence corpulency corpulent corpus blood corpuscle corpuscular wear away corral eroding correct correctable punished reprehension punitory editing properness disciplinal right properness correggio corregidor correlate correlated correlation correlational correlative reciprocity correspond first class letter writer proportionate bullfight corridor cwm corrigenda error corrigible corroborant corroborate corroborated corroboration corroborative confirmative eat corroded order corrodentia chemical process chemical process corrosion-resistant destructive fold up furrowed corrugation bribable debased corruptedly corruptibility corrupt corrupting corruption corruptive corruptly dishonesty posy corsair island corselet corset corse french region cataphract cortaderia adrenal cortical steroid assemblage hernando cortez cortex cortes animal tissue efferent corticoafferent fungus genus corticoafferent corticoefferent corticofugal adrenal cortical steroid corticosteroid glucocorticoid corticotropin corticotropin cortina family cortinariaceae genus cortinarius cortisol cortisone cortland corundum mineral sparkling coruscate coruscation corvee corvette bird family corvine crow monocot genus corydalidae genus corydalis corydalus corylaceae plant genus genus corylus corymb inflorescence family corynebacteriaceae true bacteria corypha coryphaenidae cactus duck-billed dinosaur duck-billed dinosaur coryza cos swan cosec circular function coseismal coseismic tea cosy cosh cosher cosign cosignatory cosigner cozily trigonometric function comfortableness cosmos cosmetic cosmetician expert cosmetology cosmic fish genus cosmogenic cosmogonic cosmogony cosmologic cosmologic cosmogony cosmographer cosmographer representation cosmolatry cosmologic astrophysics cosmologist astrophysics cosmonaut cosmopolitan sophisticate cosmos synchrotron cosponsor kos cossack cosset demand cost-effective cost-efficient cost-plus complex body part bone costalgia costanoan costate barrow-man flagellate protozoan animal disease costing constipating gratuitous costliness dear costmary costochondritis expenditure garb costumed fashion designer costumier costusroot cosy cot volcano trigonometric function cotan shelter cotenant lot coterminous clotting factor ball cotillion cotinga cotingidae genus cotinus cotoneaster cotonou volcano cotswold cotswolds bungalow cottager bucolic cotter cottidae villein cloth cottonmouth oilseed wood rabbit everlasting flower grunt cottonwood soft cottony-white cottus cotula bird genus seed leaf cotyloidal concave coucal priming coat couchant couchette mountain lion cough coughing flat charge unit coulter coumadin chemical compound rosid dicot genus council councillor councilorship councilman place councilwoman message counseling content adviser counsellorship lawyer counselor-at-law place numeration calculable countdown countenance counter counter-drill counter-revolutionist counter-sabotage antagonize override antagonistic counterargument counterattack counterattraction counterweight counterbalanced reply counterblow counterfire counterbore counterchallenge interchange accusation control counterclaim counterclockwise countercoup counterculture turbulence counterdemonstration counterdemonstrator counterintelligence counterexample counterfactual quality fictitious beguiler firing counterfoil gegenschein conflict counterinsurgent counterintelligence counterintuitive medication counterman countermand countermarch step countermeasure countermove counteroffensive offer counterpane counterpart counterwoman counterplan attack counterplea counterplot counterpoint counterpoise counterpoised curative counterweight harmful proposal clout reformation counterrevolution revolutionary revolutionist countershot password countersign hole counterspy stain attack counterintelligence cause alto counterterror strategy counterterrorist countertop countertransference offset counterpose counterwoman noblewoman counting countinghouse countless countlessness rustic administrative division country-bred country-dance country-style rural countryfolk compatriot estate country countrywide countrywoman counts/minute region countywide coup coupe composer match coupled mechanical device couplet connector coupon bravery brave bravely spirit courbaril gustave courbet marrow squash courier wading bird line courser work coursing court court-martial court-ordered acrylic nice with politeness courtesan personal manner house attendant entreaty elegance dignified court courtship grounds couscous relation cousin-german avuncular jacques yves costeau couth couthie couthy couture couturier usage chocolate covalence covalence valence covariance covariant covariation recess assembly covenant coventry hiding cover-up coverage coverall crusty artefact coverlet closet covertly covertness covet coveted grasping covetously deadly sin assemblage coville cow cow-like mucuna playwright cowardliness cowardliness poltroon cow barn bell cowberry new world blackbird cowpoke cowcatcher cowed fawn cowfish cattleman cowhand flower cowherd cowhide barn cowl cowl-shaped cowled cowlick protection cowman cowpea plant pitched battle cowper cow pie cowboy pox cowpuncher univalve cowry cows cowshed cowskin cowslip cox cox-1 cox-2 coxa comb enterovirus steerer coy prairie wolf coyness coyol moon curser coypu cozen cozenage cozey cozie cozily snugness intimate cpa cpi cpr cps cpu cr crab wild apple crabapple-like cross crossness crabbiness crabby crabgrass shellfish crabs sideways cracidae crevice crack-up idiotic crackdown cracked cracker cracker-barrel dogwood tree apotheosis crackers cracking noise crackle crackle crackle flake thief cracow bird family cracticus cradle berceuse trade creator craftily craftiness crafter accomplishment tricky crag stuck cragged craggy cragsman craigie rail grind away crambe tutor cramp crampbark cramped numbfish crampon grappler cran berry cranch stretch crane-like cranelike crane's bill genus crangon crangonidae cranial craniata chordate phrenologist craniology measuring system craniometric craniometrical craniometry surgical process bone grump housing grumpiness crankshaft cranky crannied chap crap crap-shooter south american bullfrog crape crapette potty crappie shitty snake eyes crapshoot gambler crapulence crapulent crapulous smash crash-dive crasher bally craspedia unrefined crassness insensitiveness mollusc genus crassula plant family crataegus crate crateful crater crateva craton cranch cravat beg craved craven cravenness desire craw decapod decapod crawfish crawford crawl crawler creeping crawlspace genus crax shellfish crayon craze insane crazily craziness crazy crazyweed make noise creakily creaky screakily flea-bitten toiletry cream-colored platystemon californicus pitcher creamery soupiness creamy creamy-colored creamy-white creamy-yellow crease crease-resistant smooth creaseproof bear's grape create creatin creatine foundation creationism creative power creativeness creator creature creche pitched battle cred creedal credence credendum written document credentialed credential credenza credibleness credible credibleness credibly credit entry worthy respectably credited creditor approval trustiness responsible credo credulity credulous credulously naivete algonquian ism philosophical system creek creel change of location oscine creepiness creeping creeps creepy-crawly creepy-crawlies creepy-crawly dagger clay cremate incineration crematory furnace cremona crenated crenated crenation curve crenature crenelate fancy bulwark crenellate crenellated crenellation crenature rough crenulated creole creole-fish creolize mythical being creosol creosote paper asterid dicot genus rattle crackle dusk dark crepuscule crescendo curve crescent-shaped asterid dicot genus cresol cress cresson spot crested chopfallen cretaceous period cretan crete cretin hypothyroidism cretinous cretonne cleft opening crew crewelwork cruet crewman crex translation crib family cricetidae cricetus the admirable crichton cricify rick orthopteron cricket-like jock bawler transgression crimea condemnable criminalisation illegalize criminalness guilt criminalization disallow reprehensively criminality incriminate incriminatory criminatory sociology criminologist criminology crimp kidnapper crimson crimson-magenta crimson-purple crimson-yellow fawn cringing cringle trichion wrinkle crinkle-root crinkled crinkleroot crinkly crinoid crinoidea skirt criollo cripple halt unhealthful crisis frosty crispate crispen crispin crispiness crisply crispness crispy crisscross crisscrossed hug drug mineral criterial measure criterional crith disagreeable person critical criticality critically urgency knock criticism criticize critique critter titan indinavir cro cro-magnon croak croaker vocalization croaky slav european country slav bird genus crocheting crocheting nonsensicality crocked crockery architectural ornament adorned crockett crocodilian reptile crocodile-like crocodilia diapsid reptile reptile genus crocodylia crocodylidae crocodilus mineral crocus crocuta wealthy person croft crofter crohn croissant megalith cromorne solon cromwellian genus cronartium crone cronk titan crony cronyism cronyn crook humpback crookbacked coiled lopsidedly conformation sir william crookes crookneck croon vocalizer vocalizing crop crop-dusting cropped sharecropper croquet dish large integer harry lillis crosby crosier grumpy cross-banded cross-check cross-classification cross-country cross-cultural cross-division cross-dress cross-dresser cross-examination cross-examiner cross-eye cross-eyed cross-fertilisation cross-fertilise cross-fertilization cross-fertilize cross-file cross-grained cross-index cross-linguistic cross-link cross-linkage cross-modal cross-ply cross-pollinate cross-pollinating cross-pollination cross-purpose cross-question cross-questioner cross-refer cross-reference cross-section cross-sectional cross-shaped cross-stitch cross-town crossbar crosspiece crossbench crossbencher crossbill symbol crossbow crossbred crossbreed interbreeding crosscheck crosscurrent crosscut crosse crossed fire crosshairs crosshatch crosshatched head crossheading crossing canvas crossly crossness bony fish class crossing over churl crosspiece junction crossroad crossruff crosstalk sleeper cross-town crosswalk crossway across crosswind crosswise crossword crotal herb reptile family genus crotalus crotaphion crotaphytus crotch strangeness crotchetiness ornery croton german cockroach crotophaga crottal crottle crouch crouched crouching croup hindquarters croupier croupy russel crouse crouton crow crow-bait crow-sized riding horse crowbar crowberry crowd jammed crowding crowfoot bragging symbol crown-beard crown-of-the-field crown beard crowned top crownless dental appliance crozier crp crt material cruciality cruciate crucible crucifer mustard family cruciferous crucifix excruciation cruciform torment waste product unskilled inexpertly crudity appetiser crudity cruel cruelness pitilessness cruet cruet-stand move cruiser cruiserweight twister bum crumple crumbliness crumbly crumhorn punk crump staff of life crumple crumpled crunch crunchy crupper limb limb advertise crusader jar calf love crushed device crushing crust class crustacean crustaceous crustal crusted crustlike natural covering crustlike crutch crux brazilian monetary unit cry cryaesthesia wimp cryesthesia gross anaesthesia cryoanesthesia cryobiology cautery refrigerant cryogenic cryogenics cryogeny cryolite cryometer cryonic cryonics frostbite simple phobia cryoscope thermoregulator cryosurgery crypt fish genus cryptography cryptologist cryptological cryptanalytics sibylline cryptical mysteriously physiological condition cryptobiotic cryptobranchidae cryptobranchus cryptocercidae arthropod genus fungal infection cryptocoryne flora division flora cryptogamic cryptogram fern genus cryptogrammataceae cryptograph cryptologist cryptographic cryptographical cryptanalysis cryptographic science cryptologist cryptanalytics gymnosperm genus cryptophyte cryptophyceae cryptophyta cryptomonad genus cryptoprocta abnormalcy abnormalcy cryptorchism genus cryptotermes genus cryptotis crystal shed light on crystalised illuminate crystalised crystalline chemical phenomenon crystallise crystallised crystallization crystal crystalize crystallized crystallization crystallographer crystallography cs cse csis cst ct ctc organ ctenidium family ctenizidae arthropod genus ctenocephalides ctenoid ctenophora ctenophore cu cub republic of cuba cuban snug room subshrub cube-shaped piper cubeba three-dimensional cubic cubical cubicity cubicle three-dimensional cubism painter artistic movement linear unit hinge joint armour plate cubitus parallelopipedon cuboid cuckold cuckoldom cuckoldry cuckoo cuckoo-bumblebee cuckoo flower cuckoopint bird family order cuculiformes bird genus cucumber cucumber-shaped cucumis family cucurbitaceae magnoliopsid genus cucurbitaceae magnoliopsid family cud cudbear nestle cuddly caressing cuddly cuddy hit white sage cue handlock jewellery body armour cavalryman culinary art cuisse cuke cul ely culbertson fern genus endoscope endoscopy culebra arthropod genus metropolis culicidae culinary cull cullender cullis stem cease ending culotte guiltiness culpable culpability culpably culprit religion devotion follower tillable variety cultivatable cultivate cultivated culture farm machine cognitive content intelligentsia society civilised cultus culverin culvert cum cumana cumarone limit cumberland cumbersome inconvenience cumbria cumbersome comfrey herbaceous plant cuminum waistcloth edward estlin cummings cumquat increase cumulation additive round cumulonimbus cumulous accumulation pitched battle cunctation postponer cuneal cuneate cuneiform cuneus cuniculus cunner cunnilingus cunnilingus cunning cunningham cunningly cunoniaceae cunt cuon cup cup-shaped cupbearer cupboard cake cupel cupflower cup roman deity greed concave furnace tea cupper bloodletting cupressaceae genus cupressus cupric cuprimine mineral copper-base alloy cuprous cup-shaped cupular cupule cuquenan cur characteristic hardened curableness curacao orange liqueur post curandera healer alkaloid gallinacean curate alterative steward keeper curatorship curb checked edge curbside paving stone curculionidae monocot genus food product clabber curdled coagulate harden cure-all cured curet curettage surgical instrument curettement fiat organisation marya sklodowska curietherapy set curio curiosa oddity curious curiously curiousness metropolis curium lock curled curler shorebird round shape curvature curled curly curly-coated curly-grained curly-haired curly-heads curly-leafed curly-leaved curmudgeon ill-natured currajong bush currawong medium of exchange current currently currentness information curriculum lithographer currish ignobly curry comb expletive cursed cursedly hand cursor cursorial quickly cursorius cursory damnable discourteous cut back restraint blind curtained uncurtained curtal curtilage curtis rosid dicot genus curtiss shortly discourtesy curtsy curtsy curvaceous buxomly shapeliness curvature curve curved vaulting curvey curvilineal curved falciform curvy town possum genus cuscuta cush-cush ringdove cushaw cushing cushion cushioned cushioning cushiony cushitic cushy cod cusk-eel cusp cuspated cuspated cuspated cuspid cuspidal cuspidate cuspidated cuspidation cuspidor cuss cussed stubbornly perversity custard custard-like custer guardian keeper custodianship keeping custom custom-built custom-made custom-make accustomed customer customhouse customise customised create custom customs customshouse cut cut-and-dried cut-and-dry cut-and-thrust cut-in cut-price cut-rate cut-up cutaneous connective tissue cutaway model cutback kutch artful cutely beauty cuterebra cuterebridae carapace cuticula cuticle cutin cutinize cutis sword steel cutlassfish cutler tableware cutlet cutoff cutout cutpurse cuttable cutter cutthroat sharp cutting-edge decapod cuttlefish cutwork cutworm cuvier cuzco cv cva cwm cwt cx cxl cxlv cxv cxx cardinal 130 135 genus cyamopsis cyamus cyan cyanamid cyanamid salt cyanite blue-green algae cyanobacterial cyanocitta cyanocobalamin cyanogen toxic cyanogenic cyanohydrin cyanophyceae cyanophyta cyanobacterial symptom alkali fern genus fern family cybele cyber-terrorism cyber-terrorist cyberart cybercafe crime cyberculture computerise cybernation computer user cybernetic cybernetics simple phobia cyber-terrorist cybersex cyberspace terrorism cyborg cycad family cycadaceae cycadales plant order cycadophyta class cycadopsida cycadopsida cycas cycladic culture flower cycles/second cycles/second cyclic cyclical periodicity sport phylum cyclist muscle relaxant alcohol cycloid rounded cycloloma cyclonical cyclone cyclonal cyclonical cox cyclooxygenase-1 cyclooxygenase-2 reference work cyclopean book of facts cyclopes fern genus abnormal condition inhalation general anaesthetic cyclops cyclopteridae cyclopterus image cycloserine streaming genus cyclosorus cyclosporeae cyclostomata jawless vertebrate print cyclothymia manic-depressive psychosis accelerator cycnoches cyder order cydippidea cydippida order cydippea cydonia cygnet cygnus solid cylindric cylindrical cylindrical-stemmed cylindricality cylindricalness cylix cymatium cymatiidae cyma percussive instrument cymbalist orchid orchidaceous plant inflorescence hydrocarbon summer squash vine scientific instrument cymose cymric cymru cymry cyme liana genus cynara cynwulf disagreeable person misanthropic cynically pessimism family cynipidae cynips cynocephalidae mammal genus monocot genus therapsid division cynodontia cynoglossidae cynoglossum cynomys zoophobia cynopterus pitched battle cynoscion counsel artemis cynwulf cyon family cyperaceae cyperus figure genus cyphomandra mollusc genus mollusc family spanish elm cypress cyprian cyprinid cyprinidae order cypriniformes cyprinodont family cyprinodontidae cyprinoid fish genus cypriot cypriote cypripedia cypripedium cyproheptadine cyprus shrub titi family cyrillic cyrtomium prince cyst amino acid pathology cystine urinary tract infection colpocele bladder stone palsy mammal genus cystoplegia cystopteris cytherea nucleoside cytisus cytoarchitectural structure structure cytoarchitecture cytochrome cytogenesis cytogenetic cytogenetical cytogeneticist cytogenetics cytogenesis protein organic process cytokinetic cytokinin cytol cytologic cytologic cytologist cytology lysin lysis lysis cytomegalic herpes virus plasma membrane unhealthful blood disorder light meter cytophotometric photometry cytoplasm protoplasm protoplasm cytoplast cytoplasm pyrimidine bodily structure cytologic smear cytosol cytostome cytotoxic toxicity toxin despot tsaritsa czarist czarist czaritza czech european geographical area czechoslovakian czerny czestochowa d d-day d-layer d.a. etcetera print incised etcher engraving etd eternal immortalise eternalize eternally eternise time eternize aldehyde acetamide hydrocarbon antifreeze ethanoate ethanol ethchlorvynol king male monarch ethene ether supernal etherealize etherialise etherify etherise put to sleep lan value-system ethical ethically philosopher ethicism ethician ethics ethiopia ethiopian ethmoid ethnarch ethnic ethnical quality partiality ethnocentrism anthropologist ethnographical anthropology ethnography ethnologic ethnologic ethnologist ethnology ethnos procaine animal scientist ethology ethos ethosuximide ethoxyethane diethyl ether ethril ethyl ethylene ethyne alter etiolated weakening cause aetiological pathologist etiology rule etna etodolac etonian genus etropus etruria etruscan piece of music etui chronicle etymologise etymologist etymologize etymologizing history etymon eu genus euarctos subclass euascomycetes eubacteria eubacteriales eubacterium eubryales gum tree eucalyptus eucarya eucaryote eucaryotic eucharist sacrament cards fish genus euclid euclidian euclidian good spirit eudaemonia eudaemonic upbeat eudaemon eudaemonic endaemonism euderma eudiometer bird genus eugene genus eugenia life science bioscience euglena protoctist family euglenid euglenoid euglenophyceae division euglenophyta algae eukaryote organism leonhard euler eulogise rhetorician encomiastic eulogium eulogize eulogy reptile genus arthropod genus eumenides mammal genus mammal genus class eumycota eunectes castrate hypogonadism euonymus eupatorium euphagus order euphausiacea euphemise euphemism euphemistic euphemize euphonical euphonical silvery euphonium golden euphony genus euphorbia euphorbiaceae gum eurphorbium high spirits consciousness-altering drug euphoric euphory euphractus euphrates grace euphuism euplectella eupnea eupneic eupnoea eupneic euproctis eurafrican eurasia eurasian continent town motion eurhythmy euripides euro eurobabble eurocentric partisanship eurocurrency eurodollar suborder ornithopoda suborder ornithopoda galilean europan eec denizen europeanisation europeanise absorption europeanize eu partiality europol aspergillales eurotium euryale subclass euryalida eurydice animal order bird family arthropod animal order motion eurythmy eusebius eusporangiate eusporangium eustachio eustoma eutamias eutectic monocot genus euthanasia euthenics eutheria eutherian euthynnus eutrophic eutrophication ev evacuant egest exhausted evacuation migrator evade value appraisal evaluative evaluator evanesce evanescence impermanent gospels sacred writing evangelicalism evangelise discourse preacher evangelistic evangelise anatomist evansville vaporizable alter evaporated evaporation phase transition sediment evaporometer evasion protective evasiveness eve level even-pinnate even-tempered even-textured even-toed evenfall just evenhandedly evening evening-snow eveningwear tungus evenki equally invariability evensong outcome of import daylight herniation eventual eventuality sooner or later eventuate ever ever-changing ever-present everest swamp cone-bearing ageless everlastingly everlastingness evermore evernia civil rights worker eversion tennis player everting all everyday commonplaceness common man all over all over chuck out eviction evidence evidenced plain important evidentiary evidently evil evil-looking evil-minded evildoer wrongdoing evilly evilness convey remove evisceration evitable stimulation aware kick up elicited process biological process evolutionism evolutionist create by mental act ew ewe ewenki ewer ex ex-directory ex-gambler ex-husband ex-mayor ex-president ex-serviceman ex-spouse exacerbate exacerbating exacerbation precise exacta exacting exaction accuracy on the button exactness dicot genus reptile genus overdraw exaggerated hyperbolically exaggeration extol transport rarified inspiring exam introspection communicating question respondent querier example exanimate exanthema exanthema exarch diocese exasperate displeased aggravating annoyance valedictory exboyfriend excalibur excavate excavation working person exceed chance exceeding exceedingly excel feature excellency excellent excelsior except example unacceptable exceptional excerpt excerption over-abundance undue to a fault excess exchange exchangeability fungible changed exchanger exchequer excise exciseman deletion emotionality excitable emotionality stimulative emotional arousal excitatory excitatory excite agog excitedly exhilaration exhilarating excitingly give tongue to utterance ecphonesis exclamatory keep exclusion concentrated exclusively exclusiveness mull over invention thoughtful thinker drum out banishment excoriate abrasion excrement hump excrescent waste eject excreting discharge emission excruciate excruciating excruciatingly excruciation exculpate exculpated excuse clean-handed excursion excursionist rambling divagation forgiveable forgivably excusatory vindication exempt excuser exec execrable comminate execration capability executable executant hit dead executing instruction execution executioner governance fiduciary executor interpretation exegete exegetical exegetical good example exemplary demonstration exemplify informatory excuse waiver exenterate exenteration exercise exerciser exertion exercise bike exert effort exfoliate organic phenomenon breath breathe waste exhausted finite exhausting weakening exhaustive exhaustively exhibit collection exhibitioner fanfare swellhead unconcealed exhibitor exhilarate elated stimulating excitement inspire exhortation hortative encouraging disinterment exhume exigency imperative deficiency meagerly exile exilic live beingness concrete existential existentialism philosophical theory existing exit domestic sheep exobiology seed vessel exocentric exocet exocoetidae exocrine animal order exode germ layer exodontia dental surgery exodontics dental practitioner book of exodus exothermal exogamic outbred exogamy exogen exogenous exogenous exomphalos coding dna label exonerated exoneration exonerative nuclease symptom exopterygota inordinateness unconscionable exorbitantly exorcise exorciser exorcism holy order exorcize introduction systema skeletale layer growth exoteric exotherm exothermal exothermal alien exotism exoticness exoticism exotoxin walleye expand expandable expanded expandible orbit expansible expansible expansion ism expansionist communicatory expansively expansiveness expansivity expatiate enlargement kick out emigration expect expectable expectation expectant outlook expected expectedness expectorant expectorate expectoration mortal expedience expedience expedient expediently help accelerated campaign expeditionary time-saving with efficiency expeditiousness boot out expelling use expendable gone spender expending expenditure expense expensive expensively expensiveness experience experienced experient experiential experiment empirical experimentalism through an experiment experiment experimenter expert skillfulness expertly expertise expiable expiate expiation expiative salvation expiration breath discontinue invalid expiry explain interpretable explanandum statement explanation explanatory expletive interpretable explicandum explicate explication explicit expressly lucidity break loose exploded exploding exploit exploitation exploitive consumptive put-upon user exploitative exploration explorative exploratory look into soul explosion exploding expo exponent exponential exponentiation distribute exportable exportation exporter mercantilism expose exposed elaborate account expositive expositor expository expostulate remonstrance revealing expound expounder expounding expressage express-mail shipping expressed expressible reflexion artistic movement creative person expressionistic unexpressive expressive expressively expressiveness expressly throughway expropriate taken confiscation squeeze expunction strike deletion expurgate censored expurgation expurgator exquisite exquisitely beauty exsanguinous dead extend exsiccate surviving extemporary extempore extemporarily extempore off-the-cuff performance extemporise extemporization manage widen extendable extended long extensible extensile extension denotative extensive extensiveness extensor magnitude extenuate exculpatory extenuation outdoor exteriorization exteriorise exteriorization exteriorize eradicable exterminate wiped out destruction exterminator extern external externalisation change externality exteriorization change outwardly exteroception sensitiveness receptor extraterritorial dead action annihilate extinguishable destroyed extinguisher extinction eradicable destroy surgical procedure extol extoller extolment gazump extortion exorbitant exorbitantly extortionist extortionist extra extracellular passage extractable removable activity extractor outside expel extradition extrados epidural aggregation extrajudicial extralegal communication adulterous extramural outside extraneousness inordinately quality extraordinary extraorinaire conclude 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Finnish land (epmrinen artikkeli) - a (mrinen artikkeli) - the (omistuspartikkeli) - of -hullu - addict, nut, freak -kertainen - bodily structure -kin - in concept -lla - on -ll - on -lta - from -lt - from -ssa - in -ss - in -sta - from, just about -sta - pertain, relate, concern, move to, feature on, touch -sta - style on -st - from, around -st - pertain, relate, concern, move to, brook on, manner -st - striking on Afrikka - continent AIDS - aids, AIDS Alankomaat - Holland, the Netherlands, Netherlands Alpit - the Alps Amerikan intiaani - Red amerind Amerikka - America, United States of America, USA Atlantti - Atlantic, ocean Ocean Aurinko - the sun state - state a ja o - the key, the crucial/main/indispensable point a ja o - the important and the finish aakkonen - letter of the abcs aakkos- - alphabetical, alphabetic aakkosellinen - alphabetical, alphabetical aakkoset - alphabet aakkoset - elements, fundamentals, basics, rudiments aakkosjrjestys - alphabetized order aakkosto - alphabet aallokko - waves, swell, chop aallonharja - crest, spot of a wave aallonharja - climax, peak, culmination aallonmurtaja - breakwater, jetty, groin, groyne, mole, embankment aallonmurtaja - mole aallonpituus - wavelength aallonpituusalue - absorption band, band aallonpohja - trough, exchequer of a waving aallonpohja - bottom point, the worst, depression, popular music bottom aallottaa - corrugate, furrow designer - wave, moving ridge aaltoenergia - motion drive aaltoileva - wavy, rolling, swelling, undulating aaltoilla - roller aaltoilla - flap, wave, undulate, surge aaltoilu - surge aaltomuoto - waveform aaltopahvi - furrowed cardboard aaltopelti - furrowed iron aaltopituus - wavelength aaltosulku - couple aaltoviiva - crinkled formation aamen - amen aamiainen - repast aamiaistunti - lunch hour aamu - morning aamu-uutiset - antemeridian news aamuateria - breakfast, word of farewell repast aamuhartaus - good morning prayer, time period commitment aamuhetki - the morning hour, early in the forenoon aamuisin - mornings, in the morning aamukahvi - morning coffee aamunkoitto - dayspring, sunrise, sunup, first light aamunkoitto - first light, break of day, interruption of the day aamunkoitto - dawn, daybreak, dawning, morning, aurora aamunsarastus - time of day aamupala - breakfast, breakfast snack, forenoon bite aamupivisin - mornings, in the morning aamupiv - greeting aamurusko - aurora, dawn aamutorkku - late riser, eventide person aamutuimaan - archetypal concern in the morning, at the crack of sun-up aamuvarhain - azoic in the morning aamuvarhainen - early riser, period person aamuvarhainen - earlyish in the morning, premier thing in the greeting aamuvirkku - early riser, dawn person aamuy - after midnight, the wee 60 minutes aapa - swamp aapinen - primer, ABC-book aapiskirja - primer, ABC-book aapiskukko - the gallus gallus delineate on few baltic-finnic primers aaria - song aarniomets - unmoved forest, somebody forest, jungle aarniomets - tropical rain timberland aarre - treasure, secret art aarreaitta - accumulation dwelling house aarrearkku - treasure chest of drawers aarrekammio - treasury, strongroom aarresaari - treasure island aarteenetsij - treasure-hunter, treasure-seeker aarteenmetsstj - treasure-hunter aasi - ass, domestic ass aasialainen - Asian aasinsilta - awkward passage aataminaikainen - ancient, as old as Adam, old-fashioned aate - idea, thought aate - ideal, cause, ideology aatehistoria - mental history, the story of ideas aatehistoria - philosophical yesteryear aatehistoriallinen - intellectual-historical aatehistoriallinen - pertaining to the arts of ideas aateli - the nobility, the aristocracy, the peerage aatelinen - noble, nobleman, patrician, aristocrat, depressed blood line aatelinen - aristocratic aatelisarvo - stately rank, title, knighthood, nobility aateliskartano - manor, manor building aatelismies - nobleman, gentleman, peer aatelisnainen - noblewoman, lady aatelisto - the nobility, the aristocracy, the peerage aateliton - commoner, not of coroneted modification aateliton - common, humble, lower-ranking aateloida - wage increase to the nobility, raise to the nobility aateluus - nobility aatetoveri - congenial character aatetoveri - ideologic comrade, political fellow aatos - belief aatteellinen - ideological, political aatto - eve, day before a holiday aattopiv - day before a holiday aava - wide-open expanse, expanse, extensive, immense aava - broad, wide, open, spacious, expansive, large aava - open country, open sea aava - flat, homely aave - ghost, shade, spook, wraith, specter, spectre aave - phantom, apparition aavemainen - eerie aavemainen - ghostly, spectral, apparitional, supernatural aavikko - desert, prairie, plain aavistaa - foreknow, anticipate, person a presentiment aavistaa - guess, suspect, have a feeling, foresee, previse aavistamatta - unsuspectingly aavistus - intuition aavistus - sense, feeling, suspicion, idea, inkling, hunch forward abbedissa - prioress abi - graduating senior, matriculant abiturientti - graduating senior, matriculant abortti - conclusion absoluuttinen - implicit absoluuttinen (phys.) - absolute absorboiva (phys.) - absorbing absorptiosuhde (phys.) - absorbance, absorptance abstrahoida - ideal abstrakti - ideational abstraktio - abstraction addiktio - addiction additiivinen (math.) - additive adjektiivi - adjective adjungaatti (math.) - adjoint adjunkti (math.) - adjoint adjutantti - aide-de-camp, adjutant, aide adoptio - adoption adressi - identity card of commiseration adventti - Advent, second coming of christ adverbi - modifier aerobinen harjoittelu - cardiopulmonary exercise aerosoli - dispenser affiini (math.) - affine affiininen (math.) - affine afrikkalainen - African afri - affair, sector deal, agreement agentti - functionary aggressiivinen - aggressive aggressio - aggression agnostikko - agnostical agraarinen - agricultural agronomi - part agent, rural agent ahaa - aha ahaa! ahaa-elmys - sudden understanding, abrupt recognition ahdas - narrow, tight, cramped, crowded, close, confined ahdasmielinen - narrow-minded, closed-minded ahdinko - strait, pass, pass ahdinko - distress, trouble, hard times ahdinko - suffering, tribulation ahdinko - ordeal, endeavor ahdinko - adversity, disaster ahdistaa - harass, pester, badger ahdistaa - irritate, vex, annoy ahdistaa - chase, pursue ahdistaa - press, oppress, push, pressure ahdistaa - worry, distress, bother ahdistaa - bait, heckle, bully ahdistaa - constrict, strangle, pinch ahdistava - perturbing, troubling, worrisome ahdistava - worrying, distressing, distressful, disturbing ahdistelu - harassment ahdistelu - worrying, badgering, torment, torment ahdistus - anxiety, anguish, oppression ahertaa - work hard, concern yourself, confidence game ahkera - hard-working, fussy ahkera - diligent, hardworking, up-and-coming ahmatti - glutton, pig, hog ahmia - devour, gorge, glut, consume, go through, downfield ahnas - eager, avid, keen, raring, hungering ahnas - ravenous, voracious, greedy, hungry ahne - eager, avid, knifelike ahne - greedy, grasping, prehensile, avaricious, jealous ahne - grabby ahnehtia - hoard, hog, snatch up, gobble up ahneus - greed, avarice, covetousness, rapacity, avaritia aho - meadow, clearing ahtaa - stuff, fill, pack full, cram, stow ahven - pole aidake - rail aidata - rail, rail off, rail in aidosti - genuinely, truly, really aidosti kasvava (math.) - accelerative aidosti vhenev (math.) - detractive assistance - aids, AIDS aie - object aie - intent, intention, plan, aim, purpose, design aiemmin - previously, antecedently, formerly, advance aiempi - prior, anterior, earlier aiempi - former, erstwhile, once, sometime, onetime aiempi - former aihe - motive, figure aihe - content, delineate end aihe - theme, topic, subject, issue, matter, reject aiheellinen - justified, sound, excusable aiheeseen liittyminen - relevance, relevancy aiheeseen liittyv - in dispute aiheeton - wanton, motiveless, unmotivated aihekohtainen - topical aiheuttaa - cause, bring, bring about, inflict, do, make aiheuttaja - agent, causal agent aiheutua - nonexempt aiheutuen - resulting aiheutuminen - resulting aiheutuva - resulting aika - temporal order aika - stretch, save aika - time, age, period, constituent aika - quite, pretty, rather, middling aika ajoin - at odd intervals aika ajoin - from time to time, intermittently, now and so aikailla - linger, dawdle, lag aikailla - boggle, delay aikainen - earlier aikaisemmin - previously, antecedently, formerly, earlier aikaisempi - prior, anterior, earlier, advance aikaisempi - former, erstwhile, once, sometime, once aikaisempi - quondam aikaisin - early, soon aikaisin - early aikaisintaan - earliest, soonest aikakausi - era, period, period of time aikakausjulkaisu - diary aikakauskirja - ledger aikakauslehti - magazine, journal aikamies - grown-up man, mature man aikamuoto - tense aikana - for, during, while, whilst, amid aikataulu - schedule, timetable aikavli - interval, period interval aikavli - timescale aikoa - plan aikoa - be thought to do thing aikoa - be going to, will, shall aikoa - aim, purport, purpose, intend aikomus - intention, mind, intent, aim, purpose, creating by mental acts aikuinen - adult, grown-up, mature aikuistua - develop, grow, grow adult ailahdella - vary ailahteleminen - changing ailahteleva - changing, ever-changing ailahteleva - changeable aina - everytime, aye aina - always, ever, e'er, at all times, all the time aina kun - whenever ainainen - unending, ageless ainainen - everlasting, ageless, eternal, eternal ainaisesti - forever, for ever ainakin - at the least, at the very least, in any case ainakin - at least, least, anyway, anyhow, at any rate aine - matter, substance, essay, writing aine - material, element aineellinen - tangible, physical, touchable aineellinen - corporeal aineenvaihdunta - biological process aineisto - material, data aineksena oleva - element ainemr - content aineosa - constituent, element, ingredient, component part aineosa - bourgeois aines - ingredient, constituent, element, part aines - whole number ainesosa - ingredient, constituent, element, part ainesosa - component ainoa - only, sole, lone, lonesome, eremitical ainoastaan - only, exclusively, just, simply, merely, strictly ainutlaatuinen - unique, one-of-a-kind, singular airo - oar, scull airut - precursor, indication aisa - rail, pole, bar, shaft aisti - cognizance aistia - sense aistien ulkopuolinen - paranormal, clairvoyant aistikas - elegant aistillinen - erotic, sensual, voluptuous aistimaton - paranormal, paranormal aistittava - perceived, felt, sensed aistittava - concrete aita - fence aitaus - pen, enclosure aitio - box, loge, papers aito - unfeigned, authentic, of import aito - original, real, veritable, genuine, echt, true aitoa - true, unfeigned, genuine aitoustodistus - papers aitta - granary, garner, outbuilding, shed, entrepot aivan - downright aivan - at all, entirely, wholly, fully, completely aivan kuin - just as aivan niin - indeed aivastaa - inborn reflex aivo - brain aivot - brain ajaa - drove ajaa - drift ajaa - propel, impel, motivate, carry, chase, convey ajaa - drive, go, ride, motor, race, run, maroon ajaa - course, do, go, hound, hunt, move over, persecute ajaa - shave, have a depilation ajaa - stand for, plead, electronic communication ajaa karjaa - drove, actuation ajaa maanpakoon - exile, expatriate, deport ajaa pakoon - propulsion gone ajaa reell - sledge, sled, sleigh ajaa takaa - chase, pursue ajaa tiehens - drive away, stroke away ajaa ulos - expel ajaja - jockey, driver, rider, teamster, handler ajajan istuin - box, box behind ajallinen - temporal, chronological ajan - throughout a playing period of time, over, o'er ajan mittaan - in due time, in time, in the educational activity of time ajan tasalla - up-to-date ajanjakso - age, epoch, era, period, time ajankohta - time, level in time, moment, occasion ajankohtainen - timely, topical, current, contemporary, real ajankohtaisuus - fact, actuality ajanlasku - calendar, chronology ajanmittaus - timing ajanotto - timing ajansym - well-worn ajansym - stock, threadbare, timeworn, tired, old-hat ajansym - hackneyed, hackney, banal, commonplace, unoriginal ajansym vakioesitys - work of art ajanviete - way of killing/passing time ajanviete - pastime, amusement, entertainment, hobby, motion ajastaminen - temporal order ajastava - timing ajastin - timer, self-timer ajatella - think, cogitate, reflect, meditate, ponder ajatella - consider, take ajatella! ajateltava - conceivable, imaginable, feasible ajateltavissa - conceivable ajateltavissa oleva - conceivable, imaginable, accomplishable ajaton - unaltered ajattelematon - thoughtless, heedless, rash, reckless, careless ajattelematon - careless ajatteleva - thinking, cogitative ajatteli - thought ajattelija - creative thinker, cognition ajattelija - thinker, man of thought, intellect, intellectual ajattelivat - thought ajattelu - thought ajattelu - thinking, thought, cerebration, cerebration ajatuksia herttv - substantive, meaningful ajatus - thought, idea, notion, preoccupation, object ajatusmaailma - way of thinking, set of beliefs ajatusmaailma - philosophy, ideology ajatustapa - approach, attitude, way of cerebration ajatustapa - way of thinking, way of looking at at holding ajatustoiminta - intellectual activity, thought process ajatusviiva - dah ajautua - drift, float, be adrift, blow ajautua - sway, careen, wobble, shift, tilt ajautua suunnasta - yaw ajautuminen - matter ajava voima - drift, impetus, impetus ajelehtia - action ajelehtiminen - drift ajettava tiedosto - feasible ajettu - droved ajettu - driven, goaded ajo - ecstasy ajo - race, riding, run, rush, track, tracking, venery ajo - driving, haulage, hauling, hunt, hunting, motion ajo - ride, battue, cartage, chase, chasing, drive ajo-onginta - drift, vagabondage ajoi - droved ajoi - swarm ajoissa - on time ajoitin - scheduler ajoittaa - time ajoittain - now and then, sometimes, sometime, when in a spell ajoittaminen - temporal arrangement ajoittava - timing ajoitus - temporal order ajoivat - droved ajoivat - horde ajoneuvo - vehicle ajopiirturi - tachometer ajopuu - wood ajorata - road, route ajosuunta - direction, way ajotie - roadway, backmost road, nation road, wagon road ajovalot - headlights ajuri - driver, teamster, manager akateemikko - lyceum social unit akateeminen - academic, academician, academical akateeminen - pedantic, pedantic akatemia - academy acre - old woman, class (not polite), old wife, hag akkamainen - bitchy akku - battery, gatherer akkuna (old/poetic) - window akseli - axle, pivot, shaft, spindle, axis, line akselit - axes akselivallat - alliance aksentti - prosody aksenttimerkki - acute, acute accent, ague aksiomi - saying aksiooma - saying aktiivinen - agile aktiivisesti - actively aktiivisuus - biological process aktinium - actinium, Ac aktivisti - meliorist aktivoida - modify akuutti - incisive akvaario - aquarium, someone tank, marine museum, vivarium ala - field, territory, areola, bailiwick, fork ala - profession, business category, area, trade ala - occupation, business, job, shape of work, line ala - career, compass, comprehension, discipline ala - district, domain, extension, extent, ground ala - province, range, realm, region, scope, sector ala - sphere, surface, sweep, vocation ala - under, subordinate ala menn - get going ala painua - get out, go aside ala- - lower ala-aste - lower degree, low grade, low degree, low stage ala-aste - easy school, essential school, grade school alahuomautus - notation alahuuli - lower lip alaikinen - adolescent alainen - subordinate, employee alakerta - downstairs alakuloinen - dismal, blue, dark, depressing, blue alakuloinen - dispiriting, gloomy, grisly alakuloisuus - dejection alakynness oleva - underdog alamaailma - underground alamki - skiing race alanko - lowland, lowland area, low-lying real estate alaosa - lower part, bottom part, inferior section, base, foot alapesu - reproductive organ medicine alapuolella - under, beneath, beneath alapuoli - lower surface alap - bottom alaraja - subaltern bound alaraja-arvo - limes inferior unluckily - down, downwards, descending alaspin - downwards, down alaspin kupera (math.) - convex thrown alaspin puolijatkuva - lower semicontinuous alaspin suunnattu - set alaston - stripped-down alaston - bare, naked, nude, au naturel alasumma - bottom sum alava - low-lying, low alaviite - pen albatrossi - millstone alemmuus - inferiority, lower position alempi - lower, under, nether, small alempi kerros - substrate, substrate alennettu - lowered alennus - change alennus - sale, decrease alennus - lowering, reduction, decrease alennus - degradation, abasement, debasement alennushinta - reduction price, agreement price, bargain, cut value alennushinta - cut rate alentaa - reduce, decrease, diminish alentaa - demote, bump, relegate, break, thrill downstairs alentaa - lower, grade alentaa - slash, point of reference down, bring down alentaa - degrade, abase, abase alentaa arvoa - devalue alentaa hintaa - slash, reference down, bring forward down pat alentua - stoop, condescend, lower yourself alentua - descend, sink, come in down, go down, move downward aleta - descend, sink, come down, go down, move downward aleta arvossa - depreciate, undervalue, devaluate, modify alfa - alpha algebra - pure mathematics algebrallinen - algebraical algoritmi - algorithm alhaalla - below, down, down below, down there, low present alhaalla - at the bottom alhaalta - below, from on a lower floor alhaalta kovera (math.) - concave set alhaalta puolijatkuva - lower semicontinuous alhaalta rajoitettu (math.) - bounded on a lower floor alhainen - low, squalid alhainen - common, humble, lowly alhainen - base, mean, vile, ignoble alhaiso - populace ali - under aliarvioida - underestimate, undervalue, underrate, rate too low aliarvioida - deal short aliarviointi - underestimation, underrating, undervaluation alibi - alibi, excuse, self-justification alihinnoitella - undercharge alijm - deficit alikehittynyt - immature alikersantti - sergeant alikulkukorkeus - clearance, headroom, headway alin - the lowest, lowest, stripped-down alin parveke - mezzanine, first balcony alinomaa - constantly, continuously, continually, always alinomaa - ever aliohjelma - subroutine, routine, subprogram, procedure aliohjelma - function alioikeus - outclassed court, lower court alistaa - suppress, bring under, conquer, inhibit, stock exchange alistaa - dominate, subject, subjugate, associate alistamaton - unbroken alistaminen - submission, growth alisteinen - ruled to, dependent on, under, buck alistua - abandon, transfer up, resign, renounce alistua - submit, provide in, yield, surrender, bend, conciliate alistua - defer, truckle alistua - accommodate yourself alistua - bow, accede alistuminen - group action alistunut - resigned, submissive, submissive alistus - suppression, humbleness alistuva - submissive, docile, abject alistuvainen - submissive, docile alitajuinen - imperceptible alitse - beneath, under, underneath alittaa - pass underneath, go subordinate thing alittaa - beat, beat a record alituinen - constant, continuous, continual, incessant aliupseeri - noncommissioned officer, NCO alivaltiosihteeri - helper secretary of state alivuokralainen - subtenant, sublessee, roomer, boarder, lodger alkaa - start, begin alkaa - set in motion, point the wheels/ball rolling alkaa - commence, get decease on, get started on, set about alkaa - undertake, venture on, set about on alkaa - expend thing up alkaa - plunge into alkaa - wide-open alkaa - burst out alkaa - begin anew, recommence, change alkaa - initiate, be initiated, originate, be originated alkaa - take its origin alkaa - be instituted, be supported alkaa ampua - yawning fire alkaa suihkuta - spurt, spirt, gush, spout alkaa uudestaan - begin anew, recommence, resume alkaja - originator, initiator, instigator alkajaisiksi - for starters, eldest of all, first off alkaneet - undertaken, begun, started alkanut - begun, started, undertaken alkeellinen - of import alkeellinen - primitive, elementary, rudimentary, budding alkeellinen - unrefined, crude, natural alkeet - rudiments, archetypal stairs in erudition a content alkeet - the ABC's, elements, basics alkeis- - elementary, primary alkeismatriisi (math.) - simple matrix alkio - element, member, first appearance alkio - embryo, spore alkoholi - potable alkoholi- - alcoholic alkoholijuoma - drink, alcohol, alcoholic beverage, drink alkoholijuoma - street drug alkoholisti - alcoholic alkoholisti - boozer, harsh drinker, drunkard alkoholiton - nonalcoholic, alcohol-free alkoi - started, began, undertook alkoivat - started, began, undertook alku - conception, creation, birth, second advent alku - beginning, commencement, start, offset, showtime alku - starting point, onset, turn time, kickoff alku - origin, source, spring, wellspring, original alku - root, drive alku - premier alku- - elementary, primary alkuaan - originally, at first, at the start alkuaika - premier period, earliest period, first appearance alkuaika - beforehand phase, first stage, early stage alkuaikana - early on, in the first alkuaine - element, stuff element alkuarvo - letter measure alkuasukas - native, australian alkuasukkaat - autochthonal folk alkuehto - precondition alkukirjain - initial, freshman graphic symbol alkukuva (math.) - inverse image alkulause - preface, introduction, foreword alkuluku - prime, prime number alkuosa - first part, archetypal section alkuosa - element alkuperuste - natural law alkuper - beginning alkuperinen - original, primary, genuine alkuperinen - indigenous, autochthonal, indigenous alkuperinen - autochthonous, endemic, native alkuperiskansa - natives, native-born people alkusoitto - overture, preliminary alkutekij - element, component, elector alkututkinto - moderation, youth subculture alkuunpanija - originator, conceiver, mastermind alkuunpanija - promoter alla - below, beneath, under, underneath, underlying alla oleva - subjacent allapin - down, blue, depressed, dispirited, downcast allapin - downhearted, thrown in the mouth, low, low-spirited allapin oleva - downhearted, trailing in the mouth, low, low-spirited allapin oleva - blue, depressed, dispirited, down, downhearted allas - pool, trough, reservoir, basin, lacus, pan, sink allas - tank, tub, good allekirjoittaa - sign, sign up allekirjoitus - sign, signature allerginen - allergic alleviivata - emphasize, emphasise, underscore, accent allianssi - alinement allikko - pool, pond, puddle allokaatio - allocation allokointi - allotment almu - alms, by choice contribution almut - charity aloite - initiative, motion, esoteric member's statement aloite - persuasion aloitekyky - initiative, project aloitekykyisyys - initiative, undertaking aloittaa - begin, commence, start, initiate, originate aloittaa - introduce, inaugurate, usher in, kick off aloittaa alusta - restart, resume aloittelija - beginner, rookie, initiate, novice aloitus - beginning aloituspotku - punt, punting alokas - beginner, novice, tenderfoot, greenhorn alokas - fledgling altavastaaja - defendant, defendant altavastaaja - underdog altis - accessible altis - prone, liable, susceptible, apt altistaa - subject, expose altistua - run, be subjected to, be stage-struck by altistumaton - immune alttari - lord's table alttius - willingness alttius - propensity, receptivity, status alttius - inclination, liability, readiness, predisposition alue - territory, province alue - field alue - area, domain, environment, surrounding, location alue- - regional, territorial alueellinen - regional, territorial alueellinen reservi - territorial, territorial reserve aluerakentaja - developer, builder, creator aluke - attack alumiini - aluminium, Al alun perin - originally alus - ship, vessel, craft, watercraft alushame - petticoat alushousut - drawers, panties, underpants alussa - in the commencement alusta - base, basis, bench, easel, tressle, bench alustaminen - initialization, initialisation alustaminen - format alustava - preliminary alustus - initialization, initialisation alustus - formatting alusvaate - garment alusvaatteet - underwear, underclothes, underclothes amatri - amateur amatri- - amateur, recreational, unpaid amatriminen - amateur, amateurish, inexpert, clumsy ambulanssi - car amerikium - americium, Am amerikkalainen - American, US subject amerikkalainen jalkapallo - field game (played in USA), football amidi - amide amiraali - four-footed butterfly ammatillinen - vocational, activity ammatinvalinta- - vocational ammatti - profession, trade, line of work ammatti - occupation, business, job, line of work, line ammatti- - vocational, professed ammattihenkil - professional, doc ammattikieli - jargon ammattikieli - jargon, cant, slang, lingo, argot, idiom ammattikunta - craft, trade, club ammattilainen - professional person ammattiliiton jsen - unionist, trade unionist, federal part ammattiliitto - union, labor unionised ammattimainen - professional ammattimies - specialist, professional ammattiopisto - college ammattiratsastaja - jockey ammattitaito - craft, craftsmanship, accomplishment ammattiyhdistys - union amme - bathtub, vat, basin, tank, tub ammennettu - delineated ammensi - thespian ammensivat - drew ammentaa - draw ammenti - drew ammentivat - thespian ammoin - lifelong ago, once upon a time ammoinen - archaic ammollaan oleva - wide-open ammottaa - gape, yawn, yaw, be countywide open ammottava - wide-open ammua - moo, low ammukset - ammo, ammunition, munition ammunta - shooting, gunfight, onset ammus - projectile, grenade, shell, bullet, cost ammuskella - water vapour bullets, let fly, pepper, pelt, unsealed attack ammuskelu - shooting, shootout, onrush battle ampaista - tear, shoot, shoot down, buck, charge, dash ampaista - dart, scoot, scud, flash, spring ampeeri - ampere, amp ampiainen - white amplitudi (phys.) - magnitude ampua - shoot, fire, discharge, waste, gun down ampua - project, cause ampua - shell ampua alas - bring set ampuma-ase - firearm, gun ampuma-aukko - ambiguity ampumahauta - trench ampumataulu - reference amputoida - cut off amuletti - amulet analogia - analogy analoginen - analog analysoida - fortuity down, analyze, analyse, dissect, motion-picture photography aside analyysi - analysis analyytikko - analyst analyyttinen - analytic, holomorphic analyyttinen (math.) - deductive ananas - herb anarkia - disorder anastaa - advance anastettu - stolen, purloined anasti - stole anastivat - stole anella - solicit, beg, tap anelu - collection ani harva - very few animaatio - activity ankanliha - duck, flesh of a poultry turkish capital - acute, intense ankara - recherche capital of turkey - brutal, cruel, unkind ankara - rigorous, stringent, severe, strict, harsh, hard ankara - challenging ankara s - elements ankarampi - harder, severer ankarasti - severely, strictly, raspingly ankarin - hardest, severest ankaruus - severity, rigorousness ankaruus - hardship, asperity, grimness, rigor, rigour ankea - somber, sombre, dreary, gloomy, depressing ankea - cheerless, bleak, dismal, grim, dark, cheerless ankea - sorry, drab, dreary ankerias - eel ankka - duck, admiral ankka - incorrect report, hoax ankkuri - anchor ankkuroida - field annettu anteeksi - forgiven annos - ration, physical object buffalo - petition, request, solicit, beg, tap, indent anoja - applicant anomus - suit, petition, subject matter anomus - prayer anoppi - mother-in-law ansa - trap, snare, declination ansaita - realise, realize, gain, cinematography in, clear, make ansaita - earn, pull in, bring in ansaita - be worthy of, deserve, merit ansaiten - earning ansaitseminen - earning ansaitseva - earning ansaittu - deserved, due ansakuoppa - pit, pitfall ansastaa - trap, entrap, snare, ensnare, trammel ansio - merit, chastity ansiolista - record, track track record ansioluettelo - resume ansiomerkki - tag ansioton - good-for-naught, no-count, no-good ansioton - sorry, meritless, good-for-nothing, no-account ansoittaa - set a trap antaa - allocate antaa - nutriment out, allot, dole out antaa - allotment out, lot, dispense, hull out, deal out antaa - deal, administer, distribute, mete out antaa - contribute, lend, impart, bestow, add, bring antaa - let antaa - give, gives, distance antaa - afford, return antaa - open antaa anteeksi - forgive, pardon, representative antaa ennakkoon - beforehand antaa haltuun - charge, consign antaa henght - natural event antaa ilmi - denounce antaa itselleen vapaus - 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submit, give in, yield, despair antautua - pander antautuminen - submission anteeksi! - proper, appropriate apaattinen - uninterested aparaatti - device, gadget, machine aparaatti - convenience, appliance, contraption, contrivance apatia - apathy apina - ape, monkey apinoija - mimic, parodist, beguiler apinoija - emulator, copycat, imitator, ape, aper apostoli - adherent apotti - superior apottiluostari - abbey appelsiini - orange appi - father-in-law, Pops appiukko - father-in-law appivanhemmat - parents-in-law apposen auki - wide-open approksimaatio (math.) - reckoning approksimoida (math.) - approximate aprikoiden - considering aprikoiva - thinking, cogitative aprikoosi - apricot apteekkari - caregiver apteekkari - apothecary, chemist, dispenser, druggist apteekki - chemist's, dispensary, drugstore, apothecary's shop apu - grant apu - help, assistance, aid, support, relief, correction apu - recourse, refuge, resort apu- - auxiliary, supplementary, subsidiary, supplemental apu- - instrumental, implemental apua!

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